World's Most Expensive Beef Noodles


Anybody tried the Presidential Beef Noodle Soup for 10,000 NT? Or anything else at “Beef Father”?


When I read 325$ I assumed it was NTD and thought:“Geez, over 300nt for beef noodles? It better have some high grade beef for that price”.

Then I read the article.

Skydragon people, man…it’s always skydragon people.


There’s absolutely no reason to try it. No bowl of beef noodle soup, no matter how good, is worth 325 dollars.


Ha! That’s exactly what I did when I first saw it.


throwing away money


They use ‘soft’ water, expensive filter system. :rofl:


Sprinkled with gold dust? Like some Sogo coffee in Tokyo that costs USD 300 / cup?



Yeah I was …‘Who the heck pays 325 NTD for beef noodles…Inflation is really taking off’.


I love how they’re like “oh, we let the customers decide how much it’s worth.” Some spoiled elite trust-fund kids want to boast to their lowly peon peers that they throw away 10k NTD on beef noodle soup like it’s nothing, and the greedy store owners are all like “sure, that sounds a totally reasonable price for our chopped up Costco choice grade steaks dumped in our 3M filtered water broth! Give us money now please.”


They have cheaper options


i went to a place a few days ago, their speciality was clear broth beef noodles that had used a lot of bones to create milky white ramen like soup. nothing special at all, made me want to eat normal clear broth beef noodles instead.

no doubt this place would also be disappointing. beef noodles isn’t something you can tart up and make fancy and improve it, its just good as it is.


I prefer the clear broth. Especially when they use basil instead of green onions. I’m not a fan of onions.




Clear broth should be ‘clear’, not milky like! :thinking:


“Clear broth” beef noodles? Like some vietnamese/thai soups?


Yeah, not uncommon at some places, Yongkang Beef Noodles comes to mind




“Clear broth,” aka dishwater. Yuck. As a cow, I want something rich and beefy.


i like the clear ones! also the ‘dry mix’ beef noodles are awesome too.


You sick cannibal.