Worried about my health-Tainan

dark circles under my eyes, feeling sluggish and sometimes even dizzy. Have been eating loads of veggies and fruits this past month, but before that crap food for about 4 months. I am not getting sick every few weeks (with a cold) like I did when I first got here, but this tired thing cant be good! The few doctors I have been to for other issues (cold, dentist, female stuff) though wont treat things until they are really far gone. Even the dentist I went to today thought the way to help a severe tooth ache was to give me a cleaning, even though I got one a few weeks ago! It could just be vitamins that I need, or I could be anemic (was 15 years ago for a brief period), but how do I find a doctor that will actually help me figure this one out??!?!?! Sorry for the long post, but I am frustrated.

don’t trust doctors
know yourself!

Same here, even went as far as ‘morning sickness’ (urge to throw up but then I am male). Docs tell me it’s stress and recommended more sleep and exercise. Unfortunately I do sleep really bad these days, even I stay in bed for 12 hours during the weekend. That’s “normal” for me but I don’t sleep deep these days, weekdays even worst.
A friend thought it’s lack of iron but taking those dissolving tablets (non prescription) containing iron and vitamin C on a daily basis since two weeks doesn’t help either.
Hope to go for a holiday soon and get myself checked out thoroughly back home. Anything to avoid starting to exercise … :wink:

interesting responses. I am trusting myself, but I cant give myself tests and figure out what the hell is wrong with me…or can I (looking around for medical supplies, lol)

I did continue exercising, inside at the gym and outside. I started eating more fruits and veggies again, and stopped eating the few fried things I liked here.

I agree with you about not sleeping deeply these days, I seem to wake up every 2 hours. Oh my god, what the hell is wrong with us? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Mental note-see doctor when I go home and hope I dont fall apart before then.

I repeat, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.