Worst weather in Taiwan

Which city has the worst weather in Taiwan?

  • Taipei
  • Taipei (why must there be two options? Stupid software knows nothing of Taiwan’s weather.)

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Just asking, that’s all.
No reason.

I’m voting for whichever you’re against. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like you can go outside in the daytime anywho.


WhatchutalkinaboutWillis? With my schedule, I’ve got SIX HOURS of free time, 1:00 ~ 7:00. Time that’s just screaming for sunshine. And where is it? Damn, I’d be getting more sun back in Vancouver.

Keelung …

this just in…my yahoo weather gidget says that on friday it wont rain…well it might but there’ll be lightning thrown into the mix just to spice things up…woo-hoo…

and then on saturday guess what?
more rain…

maybe we should sacrifice a virgin to the weather gods…

Yeah, Jilong – though Taipei’s not much better. And Su’ao is no paradise either.

For all the depressing details, see the Central Weather Bureau’s charts of Monthly Mean Climate Data For Taiwan.

Keelung, definitely.

Keelung. Either that or one of the villiages up in the mountains on the way to Yilan.

Depends on your definition of “worst weather.” For mind, every time a typhoon comes through, some poor abo community in Nantou county seems to lose a houseful or three, that’s gotta suck.

But on a constant drizzle level, Jilong wins hands down. Then again, landing at Makong is also a crap shoot, right?


Almost 1:00, J, and it’s not raining…yet… :wink:

I voted for Taipei, but it seems most other voters disagreed with me and voted for Taipei. What gives? Do they know something I don’t?

Almost 1:00, J, and it’s not raining…yet… :wink:[/quote]That’s because I’m done working as of five minutes ago. I’m about to head out the door, camera in hand.

Break out the umbrellas.

5, 4, 3,…

Good lord. Sounds like Zeus and Thor are having at one another right over my head. Car alarms going off with every thunder clap. This is just nasty. Entertaining, but nasty.

… holding an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other. Off to help the gods moving their furniture around.

Pretty intense over here… and very loud. I can only just see over the street, and the whole building is rocking. I love working in Nangang. Riding home is not so much fun, though, with weather like this.