Would you go to Taiwan RIGHT now?

Most old people are bitter, I even drink bitter tasting alcohol. A pint of bitter or stout. I enjoy a Bitter Lemon too. I am not into sour food though. So no sour grapes , just my entitlement to be bitter when getting old , it helps with the piles, back pain, constant farting …:wink:


Where ? English/Irish breakfast ?


Clubbing is not gonna be happening before late next year, if then.

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Thanks for this! I’ve been looking at the data for west coast cities, and it’s much better. Seems like a lot of the problem with reporting is that the whole population is used to come up with a percentage instead of people that can get shots, and how long those shots have been available.

update: the language school im going to is now saying I have to either go to a gov quarantine hotel which sounds like a nightmare, or a hotel THEY get to choose which cost 35k NTD.

keep in mind im paying for it and theyre saying i wont be able to see a picture of it either.
I asked them why i cant book one myself and they say its cause im a scholarship student?
lmao what? is this a scam?

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I don’t think that the school has much say in where you will quarantine. We won’t find out where we will quarantine until the day before we arrive. Here’s all the info I have…

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such a scam. I was reading the thread about the gov quarantines and it sounded like a nightmare. is it possible to defer a year?

You can obviously book a hotel yourself, but why are you bothering? I’m not being mean , but most people are in a honeymoon phase for the first year or so, and you are talking like a seasoned Carnegie’s monkey before even getting on the plane



Phone up the school and say you will be happy to pay whatever deposit, but you prefer to book the room yourself

They will then you they had problems with students booking rooms without window or not booking properly or whatever the reason they are now insisting they book for students

You then say that you are happy to take all responsibility.

End of call


While the university was fine with us deferring for a year, we were concerned that the scholarship might not be be deferrable.
We didn’t have to inquire about that in the end, because our follow up PCR tests were negative and we decided to go.
Definitely ask the university /awarding body if you can defer the scholarship. If yes, sounds like you would be better off waiting until next year.


what tecro did ya use?

Taipei Representative Office Dublin

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Taiwan is great and Taiwanese girls are even better, but on the whole there is a lot of nonsense in Taiwan.

Decide for yourself. Are you intelligent enough to enjoy moments of new place and people around you? Or you want your ego get in the way?

It doesn’t matter you have a rational case.

I hope you go to Taiwan. It’s fun to read you

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What is one of those?

I applied for it once through the Chicago office and they were more than happy to help me defer for a year. Or maybe they told me I’d get priority in the following year’s application? I got the impression they get way fewer applicants than there are seats for these things. But you’d have to ask your local office, not an Internet forum

I don’t know, everyone could make some guesses and band together some stereotypes. Portly bitter older foreigners, not knowing the language and complaining a lot.

We call that the fat of the rasher. ‘Bacon’ is a strange incomprehensible foreign construction :wink:

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Now that is a nice phrase that I will not forget.

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No such thing as bacon in Ireland, only rashers, and it’s evil twin 'gammon steaks’:grin: