Would you like to study Chinese in Taichung?


Would you like to study Chinese in Taichung?

We’re looking for classmates to go to a Chinese short term program together, in October this year. To study tones, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary in Chinese and focus on practical, daily conversations and communication patterns. The goal is to learn Chinese effectively.

Location: National Taichung university Chinese language center

Date: 2018.Oct.22~Nov.10 (12 times)

Time: 9:15~11:45 a.m.

Level: Beginners who have never learned Chinese

Confirmed course. (Up to 5 people)

2.5 hours for twelve times, and the total time is 30 hours. The date of twelve times has already been decided.

Are you interested in learning Chinese?

Please contact me. Let’s study together!

That sounds wonderful actually. I’ll bookmark this and get back to you. Still haven’t gotten my first check of the new semester, so once I’ve found out my expense to income ratio, I’ll give you a shout.
The class is in the morning, so I have to ask: is it weekends or weekdays?

Edit: this is a legitimate request – from students, not a school pretending to be students. So if anyone can help out and take this class with them, it would be great! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

The date will be 10/22~10/26, 10/29~11/1 and 11/8~11/10. (Twelve times)
We’re looking forward to your join. :slight_smile: