Would you rather spend 3 months in London or HK?

Yes I was there a short time and would take a car into Shenzhen to see this Russian girl who’s job was to greet Chinese guest. They put her up in a really nice hotel room as well so would we have a nice time and go to the beach.

Also Macau is next door. But that could be dangerous

Wow, thanks for that information. I’m still doing some research into my work situation. Basically my gf got offered to work in both places so I’m looking into where I would enjoy also and hopefully work instead of just sitting on my ass.

yea its good for two years aswell. i poted the link in the earlier reply. need to appky six months before you travel

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I’ve lived for a short period in London and in Dublin. I’d take Ireland other the UK any time.

part of the uk is in ireland though :wink:


@Toe_Save is just messing around. I’m not worried about racism in London. Maybe it would be more of an issue in some middle of no where part of Europe. But I’ve been to London and it’s as diverse of a city as you can get. My gf is Italian and she was worried our last trip some might not take to me to well and especially with an Italian girl. But even she was pleasantly surprised that people there never said anything. Especially in Rome when she said people might say stuff to me on ththe streets. I literally have no idea what she was so worried about. Everyone was super nice and friendly. But I made it a point to be friendly and try to speak some Italian and talk to people. of course you’re always going to have some bigoted hateful people. But in most cases I’ve found people to be friendly if you’re friendly back.

And I do find the idea of London appealing as I could take some weekends off and visit places in Europe. Also my final destination after the 3 months is in Italy for 2 months of enjoying the Italian country side. So London would be a lot closer.

I can always go to HK in my point of view. But I think the housing situation is even worse than London. Even with the embassy housing us, I doubt we would get anything spacious and it’s really crowded there.

if you live out of the way on an island, somewhere like mui wo you can get spacious and near the beach for 20 something thousand HK. like a taiwan five floor walk up kind of place. just have to put up with the boat commute. its like a 45 min boat ride to HK central piers

Hong Kong is a fascinating place, but I start to go stir crazy after about four or five days there. It’s just too small and too crowded.

Are you saying the average commute time or the actual boat ride is 45min? I’m not sure I can handle the boat ride everyday. I get sea sick on smaller boats.

But how’s life out of the main city center in like a island like that? Will I be bored out of my mind?

I agree. That’s one of the reasons I like taipei. It’s got a city feel without making feel so cramped and packed in. Just flying into Hong Kong makes you excited seeing the city going in.

But I’m a little worried about food in London. I’m going to be honest, I did not enjoy British food in general. I know there will be a lot of ethnic foods as London is pretty diverse. But coming from eating my moms master cooking of both Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese food. And sometimes fusions of them. I found Food in London to be rather blend.

mui wo is 45 mins on the ferry. just an example option outside of the stir crazy parts. its laid back, has a couple of bars, a welcome mart, spots to bbq on the beach, taiwan sized accomodation, etc… just to highlight that hk is not all shoebox crowlded madness. going to be a lot less going on, but thats kind of the point. this blog captues the vibe http://www.razlan.net/2010/08/the-one-with-the-day-trip-to-mui-wo/
example flat

Ouch! US$3,000 a month for a small two bedroom apt.

you can get them for half that if you can live with small and grubby too. hong kong, most expensive rents on the planet like

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

I don’t really like it anymore

whats the appeal? i get tired of it rather quickly. getting constantly ripped off and surrounded by snobs has that effect on me… then again i’m british and i’ve had my fill of living anywhere in the uk.

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I guess I’m seeing London through rose-tinted glasses. I was born and grew up in South London, lived there for 25 years or so, before moving to Taiwan. I go back to the UK once a year. Love walking around London, drinking in pubs, Borough Market, Tate Modern, Covent Garden, Soho. Grass is always greener …

The last time I was in London I was pretty young so I was limited in what I saw and did. I am interested in seeing more of it.

I really dislike London. And I really dislike Hong Kong. But of the two I’ll pick London as I could go somewhere nicer during my stay. Such as Scotland.

Actually I was thinking the same thing. I also liked Scotland. If I go to London, I get chances to get out of London easily. Where am I going to go from HK? Into China? Not really a great getaway.