Wow Hsinchu Craft Beer Festival

Dear Forumosans,

I run a small bakery/deli on the first floor of the Sheraton in Hsinchu and thus heard about their craft beer festival next weekend. It’s apparently the largest craft beer event in this area, so I thought this might be of interest to some of you. I definitely plan on going.

  • Time: 8/22/2015 ~ 8/23 2 pm - 9 pm
    ‧ Rock/Jazz Ensemble: 4-6 PM/7-9 PM
    ‧ Beer games: 6-7 PM
  • Venue: Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel 5F Garden
  • Ticket: NTD 250

Check out for more details. I am not affiliated with the event, so if you have difficult questions, I might not be able to answer them :slight_smile: