Wu Bai displays marriage certificate

Why on Earth is this news? Everyone knew he was married to his manager, Edith Chen, five years his senior; they’ve been together for 10 years now.

Why does he suddently appear on TV on Tuesday night to hold up a marriage certificate from Japan’s Fukuoka City to show he was married in 2003 with some ‘‘foreign priest’’ attending? Was 500 somehow ‘‘forced’’ into the confession? By whom? TVBS Weekly?

He apparently told some US newspapers last month on his tour to Los Angeles and San Francisco that he was ‘‘lonely and single’’.


I like his guitar playing but I’m not the slightest bit interested in his marital status. Give some “news” about Boyzone, now…

Elon John’s getting married too.

To Wu Bai? No, wait, Wu Bai’s already hitched. Phew! Thank goodness for the cutting edge journalism of ettoday – I could have jumped to all sorts of erroneous conclusions.

How can Elton John get married? He’s gay.

Actually I think he is Bi…and wake up, gay people can get married too.


How can Elton John get married? He’s gay.[/quote]

He’s ‘registering a civil partnership’ when the Civil Partnership Act comes into force in the United Kingdom this December.

Pity it’s not officially called marriage but it’s as close as bedammit from the legal point of view.

Off topic: I seem to remember Elton John was legally hitched back in the mid-eighties.

I remember when Elton John was entertaining. Even though I was never a fan - he sure looked like he was having fun and had a sense of humor.