WuLai resort/hotel w/ in-room hot spring?

Okay, I’ve given up on YangMingShan. Any suggestions for a hotel or resort in Wulai that I can spend Saturday night at and which has an in-room hot spring?

Park Spring Resort looks perfect, but jeesh, I’m not Bill Gates. I’m thinking something like $4500 or less per night. Somewhere in a natural setting, not too many noisy kids complaining that there’s no McDonald’s, and clean would be dandy.

Please offer web addresses if possible.


Two words: Full Moon

For details on Wulai: [Nice romantic hotel/spa

Well, i was in Wulai just yesterday and I tell you these places you’re looking for are everywhere. You should maybe spend an afternoon over there and look around, the prices varies of course depending on how clean you want the place to be, then you can make a decision.

[quote]Somewhere in a natural setting, not too many noisy kids complaining that there’s no McDonald’s, and clean would be dandy.

There is nothing much natural in the settings where all these hot springs hotel are set now. Wulai is a beautiful place but if you stay in the town, there’s not much to see. BBQ smell everywhere, dirty, with cables hanging everywhere (almost).

For some reason in your earlier post i thought you mentioned you’d be going there with your girl friend. If that’s the case I must suggest you
The sea gaia spring hotel. If you have a scooter it’s 1 1/2 hour ride.
I think it’s about 6000NT a nite, but man… what a nite. I know you said something around 4500, but you’ll be happy you paid 6000 for a nite like that.

Hope that helps.

There are a lot of day spas. People go for an hour or two and then head home. If you’re going overnight, the 2 below would be the ones I’d recommend. Just to note, there’s a quasi nightmarket there for your amusement. And a river to walk long tho watch your step it’s all rocks. Full Moon is located on the nightmarket side and Hallyard is on the other. A bridge connects the 2 sides together. In the day, there’s a small bridge toll ($50NT). There are packages for both locations that will include a van to pick you up from the XianDian MRT stop (last south one on the green line).

I agree with jlick that Full Moon Spa (fullmoonspa.com.tw) is a great one. But I prefer that one only if I’m going with a group. Full Moon includes both a public spa area as well as private ones with their rooms. If you do go, get the ones on the lower level outside of the main building. They sorta overlook the river below (depending on the room). They’re about the same size in total as the Spa I’ll describe below, but their bath/spa room is smaller. My girl and I were graciously given a grand tour of all their different rooms (and they got a boat load). Full Moon was just pre-“Grand Opening”. The upper levels are more for families and they run 9000 and up. But they are decked out nice. Cool if you’re a group of college kids and don’t mind the floor. The private rooms just previously mentioned feature wood tubs ala japanese style which is a nice touch.

The one I prefer if I’m just going with my girl only is Hallyard Spring Spa (hallyardspringspa.com.tw). Their spa rooms are bigger and they also include a balcony overlooking the river. It was nice getting up, having some coffee, watching some people get into the river, and wonder how they’re not bloody freezing. The standard hot and cold “tubs” are made out of stone which does give it a bit of natural feel. Oh and since there aren’t any public spas as this location, no kids screaming. Mostly couples, therefore I cannot guarantee there won’t be screaming of another sort. :smiling_imp:

Good luck! :sunglasses:

Editted to include pics:
Hallyard Spring Spa Pics