Wuzhi Shan scenic mountain area, out of Xizhi, Taipei

Directions to Wǔzhǐ Shān (五指山, Wuzhishan) scenic mountain area, near 汐止 X

Sorry, how do you get there again? :wink:

Interesting hot spring concept but the price is right for what they offer. Did the rooms have views of the mountains?

we are up on wuzhr shan most weekends mtn bike riding. its a lovely spot once away from the peak and its associated madness.

helens coffee started it all in terms of outdoor coffee and views of the mountians. then the locals gangs got in on it and pushed her further down the road to neihu way.

this area sure aint what it used to be. it was - say 4-5 years ago always clean and tidy. most weekends its full of trash. we were up there on monday. it was sucha glorious day and the views out to the mountains was nothing short of spectacular. but… a weekends worth of trash was everywhere you stepped. so sad.

No. You get what you pay for :laughing: . These are small tiled chambers with just enough space for changing and a tub with jets. If you open the window you get a view of a deserted back lot. This is an inexpensive hot tub option for those who live in the area, are on a budget, or don’t care to travel further for nicer ones. I enjoyed it, but I’m not into luxury, frills, or high price tags.