Welcome to the club Anton! Worst RD might be walking freely on the streets of Taiwan again as early as from tomorrow from what I have learned today. Who knows when he will really kidnap (dumping your kid in a kindergarten and then sending out an SMS demanding ransome is not considered a crime).


Whatever happened to that bloke RB? Why did this thread stop?

In related news, about how scams occur everywhere:

Hollywood producer bilked US$5 million for TV show

the BBC News is reporting:

A Hollywood producer has been charged after allegedly taking $5.5m (




Could someone translate the below, asked the people in the office but then ended up with four or five different versions.



Here’s my rough and ready translation:

[quote=“The reporter”]A South African guy, heavily in debt, cooked up a scheme to trick his wife into believing that their daughter had been kidnapped, and text messaged himself a ransom demand for NT$5 million to try to get his wife to shell out the money. The Taipei District Court sentenced him to 6 months in prison, commutable to a fine at the rate of NT$300 per day, and suspended the sentence for 4 years.

The 29-year-old South African man married a Taiwanese woman named Liao two years ago, and after the marriage they had a daughter. Ms. Liao came from a well-off family. In September of this year, because he was unable to solve his financial difficulties, the fellow hatched up a scheme to pretend that his daughter had been kidnapped in order to extort the ransom money from his wife


[quote]I couldn’t be bothered to check back and find the fellow’s name, so I’ve just referred to him as the South African.[/quote]His name wasn’t mentioned because identifying him would identify the daughter who is a minor, and there’s laws against that.


They actually referred to him as “Zhang Rui-an”, which I assume to be his Chinese name rather than their own rendering of his English name (which I’ve forgotten completely and still can’t be bothered to dig up).


His Chinese name 張瑞安 Chang Ruey An was clearly printed. Just not his English name.

Does this mean the FAP would now cancel his visa for having a criminal record?


He needs to get Eric on his case. I’m sure his human rights have been violated somehow. Not sure exactly how, but Eric’ll know for sure.


HIS human rights? What about the rights of all the other people that he screwed? The judge should have thrown him into the clink for the 6 months!

As for turning over a new leaf… that will probably happen about the same time that the leopard changes it’s spots.


HIS human rights? What about the rights of all the other people that he screwed? The judge should have thrown him into the clink for the 6 months!

As for turning over a new leaf… that will probably happen about the same time that the leopard changes it’s spots.[/quote]

I think Sandman was being facetious … yeah, that’s it! :smiley:


It strikes me that he’s got off very lightly indeed. If he’d pulled the same stunt in the U.K., he’d certainly have received a custodial sentence.

At least I hope he’s learned his lesson and will give up using, abusing and defrauding people left, right and centre.


Hi all,

I am new to this forum and used to live in Taipei until late 2004, before I moved back to the States. I joined forumosa as I am considering a move back to Asia to continue teaching and hoped to find some info on work and life in Taiwan now half a decade later. I found this stream after a few hours of searching and am totally shocked at what I have read. I know its 5 years old and don’t know if anyone will find this info useful. I knew Ryan back then and am also a victim of one of his scams in which I lost about NT$20,000 (I am not going to go into the details but I trusted him and also got hurt for it). I didn’t know that he has hurt so many other people and have done some investigating and found the following information on him.

It seems he has moved to China as he has many companies listed all over the world, all with the same address and description of himself:

“CEO, Ryan Diedericks
Ryan has been with the company for over a decade (not possible - must be more lies) and has risen from operating director to CEO due to his diligence and the professional manner in which he treats his customers and staff. He has proven himself again and again to provide the highest leadership to steer the company to newer and greater heights.” - Obviously another scam, the website of the company looks like it sells fake products.

I don’t know how worthwhile it will be but someone on this stream did ask for his whereabouts/contact details:

Electric World Sale
1010 Gold River Plaza, 88 Shishan Road,
Suzhou, 215011, Jiangsu, China
Tel : 86-512-68187301/2/3, , Fax : 86-512-68187302

It may be worthwhile to get in touch with him. Maybe its time for everyone who has been cheated by this person should ban together and approach him. I find it shocking that he is able to get a visa to China after being convicted of a crime in Taiwan. I guess the authorities there don’t know about his staged kidnapping hoax of his own daughter. Just terrible.

Good luck to you all … I will be contacting him soon, even if I don’t get my money back I think its worthwhile to let him know all the hurt he has caused.



Well, good old Ryan is indeed still alive and kicking! Online chat via his home page! Does not seem to have change a lot, interestingly enough, he became American now!

Visitor says:
Hi, we are interested in the I-Phone 4, can you supply?

MSN Chat says:
Yes we can

MSN Chat says:
Wgere are youlocated?

Visitor says:
we are looking to get 250pcs to Taiwan

MSN Chat says:

Visitor says:
Goods should be available before November 10th

MSN Chat says:
that is no problem

Visitor says:
can you give me your e-mail address, telephone number please.

MSN Chat says:

MSN Chat says:

MSN Chat says:
we have stock now and we cn send it out within 24 hours after we received payment

MSN Chat says:
I love Taiwan and have been there many times

MSN Chat says:
although I am not chinese my wife is from Taiwan

MSN Chat says:
so I am very happy to meet some new Taiwanese cleints

Visitor says:
no doubt those phones not originals, are they easily identifiable by consumers as “generics”?

Visitor says:
Oh, where are you from?

Visitor says:

MSN Chat says:
our ware house is in Georgia Atlata in teh States

Visitor says:
so delivery is from which area?

Visitor says:
USA or China?

MSN Chat says:
all our iphones, nokia, samsug, toshiba are 100% authentic from the factry

MSN Chat says:
we deliver from the USA

Visitor says:
Atlanta, I assume?

MSN Chat says:

Visitor says:
are you located in Georgia?

MSN Chat says:
Yes I am but I am in Suzhou right now visiting our branch office here

Visitor says:
see, you spend much time in China?

Visitor says:
So you are American then I assume.

MSN Chat says:
about 4 - 6 months a year

MSN Chat says:
yes I am

Visitor says:
can you give me your phone number in China so we can discuss more in detail, please.

MSN Chat says:
of course

MSN Chat says:
1010 Gold River Plaza 88 Shishan Road
Hi-Tech New District
Suzhou China
Office: +86 512 6818 7301
Fax: +86 512 6818 7302
Mobile: +86 158 5017 2609

MSN Chat says:
here is all our detail for our chinese office

MSN Chat says:
in suzhou anyway

MSN Chat says:
where are you from?


Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I wanted to express my thanks to this community for the help this thread provided and to provide a bit of an update on this guy Ryan.

I found this site in January 2011 when I googledRyan as a new staff member at an international school where I was working in admin in Northeast China. He had joined the teaching staff the first day back after New Years and had been very active and friendly getting to know people, asking questions and trying to take on a significant role from the first day, though I had a feeling about him that was a bit off. Fortunately I decided to google him, and fortunately this thread existed here and came up as a top result. I’m sure those of you who were contributors to this thread can imagine my reaction as I read through each page of his sordid story.

After finding out about his background via the info here we checked with the court in Taiwan and got confirmation of his conviction for the faking of his daughter’s kidnapping. Strangely his wife and daughter were still said by him to be in tow and were expected to arrive shortly to join him in his apartment and attend the school. Needless to say that never happened as he was let go from the school right away.

Despite the fact that he was a member of the school for just over one week, once his background was discovered and we investigated to see what he might have been up to it quickly came out that he had already begun borrowing money from other teachers, had been trying to convince other teachers to join him in setting up an internet radio station (even getting teachers over to his apartment to test their voices for radio quality), had been trying to sell teachers cheap laptops of dubious origins he claimed were factory direct, that he had behaved towards one of the women staff members in a way that would absolutely constitute sexual harassment in the West and had generally been working very quickly to lie and manipulate those around him. His passport listed his family name as Ryan and first name as Diedericks, so it appears he may have changed names and passport to cover his past record, but the pictures on this site and the details of his background made it absolutely clear that we were dealing with the same person.

Following dismissal from our school he communicated to one of our teachers that he had returned to school in Beijing where he had worked previously, but that’s something I can’t be sure of. Regardless, I’ve long felt that thanks were owed to this forum for keeping this information public and finally got around to it after recently being reminded of the situation.

It’s hard to believe how much deceit he accomplished in such a short time and the risk he presented to the school community. Thanks to all of you who’ve posted about him and to the mods for authorizingmy account to share this update. I hope the info goes on to help others in future.


Hi , We were unfortunate to have Mr Riaan in our school too. Good thing it lasted only 6 months. Everything was a scam: lack of skills, lack of any moral principles, treatment of staff , theft and robbery. He keeps walking around the world and harming and destroying.This is at least what most of the real people who employed him in the past confirm(the ones he gives as references during recruitement do not exist).If you want to know more you can use my private address: wh1_2005@outlook.com.
He is at the moment cheating on a local Chinese community and harming their children. His wife acts as partner in crime.


Would you please join us to edit ‘What Riaan(Ryan) had did since 2005?’

What Riaan(Ryan) had did since 2005?

2005 in Taiwan Ryan set up WWRN and cheated a lot of people
Sep. 2005 in Taiwan Ryan hatched up a scheme to pretend his daughter had been kidnpped in order to extort NT$5 million from his wife Meiling Liao
May.2009 Ryan teaching in Beijing Muffy’s Preschool with Canada passport
Oct.2010 Ryan acted as a CEO of Electric World Sale in Suzhou
Jan. 2011 Ryan was a member of Northeast China school for just over one week at the time he had begun borrowing money, sexual harassment…
2012-2013 in Ulaanbaatar 乌兰巴托
Sep.2014 in Vietnam
2015-2016 in Ningbo ISN宁波至诚学校
2017 Riaan worked in International Trilingual School of Warsaw and been fired and sued for sexual harassment to 4 female teachers and children
2018 Riaan acted as director of International School of Warsaw and been sued for malicious arrears of 55000pln +26000pln of 3 students whose visa were rejected



He was in Etonhouse Suzhou IS very briefly at the end of 2007 or the beginning of 2008. He was sent on his way after the fake kidnapping news article reached the boss!


January - February 2019 Riaan arrives back in his home country, South Africa…and so his trail of destruction carries on:
Scams a car hire company with fake confirmation of payments (EFT) done from a Polish account in Euros, gets a job at another school (Fired within 1 month) and helps out at a local radio station, under the name Ryan Diedericks.
Also found this interesting piece on his tenure in Warsaw,

The Warsaw episode | Deep South Refugee



Man, this is a story that just keeps on giving.