I have to get your advice and opinions on this one!
Our new station is slowly but surely connecting all the loose ends.
We are currently working on our schedules.
We have 2 different schedules. Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday.
We will have the following:

  1. World news - from all English speaking countries, a little from the rest of the world and a little from Taiwan. we will also have sport(our sport) and weather.
  2. A morning sow from 8 to 11am
  3. Brunch Show 11 to 1 pm
  4. Afternoon show 1 - 4pm
  5. Getting home show 4 to 7pm
  6. Early evening show 7 to 9 pm
  7. late night show 9 to 1 am.
  8. The 1am to 8am show - I am still considering this one!

Weekend show:
Check back later still sorting that out!

Now here’s my question: What else should we add and WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HEAR??
I really want to do a good job on this so ANY input will be greatly appreciated!

We are on-air!!!
Click on the following link to connect to Web Radio Station by foreigners in Taiwan, for foreigners in Taiwan!
Give me some suggestions!
Thank you Forumosa! Check out your link on the page!

If any one of you guys/gals feel you want to come on my radio show as a guest or guest presenter, PLEASE contact me. It

I managed to get a few good interviews for everybody for tonight

We play all kinds of music… have interviews with people in Taiwan(owners of clubs, pubs, newspapers etc) you can also call in after 10 and We’ll play you your song!
I am also happy to say that we will have an interview with a forumosa mod Wednesday night! :bravo:

Not bad… I just heard Brass Monkey, Alleycat, and the Bikefarm on the station. Not a bad start at all.

And now a guy from China Times talking about the recent headlines. :bravo: :bravo:

Greetings to Everyone

I would just like to thank everyone that has been listening to our show.

Due to the high number of listeners that we’ve had for the past few days, I’ve decided to increase my bandwidth. This will allow for more people to sign in and listen to us.

This means that we will have to be off the air until the telecom people have finished the installation. It is expected to be around 2 days. So we should be back on the air tomorrow night (Wednesday 23rd of March) assuming the installation is finished.

Again, thankyou to everyone for listening to the show. Come and join us again when we get back on the “air” (aether?).

I am Happy to say our bandwith is OK now… We have enough now to broadcast to atleast 50 000 computers at once. I am also happy to say that I did an interview with a Forumosa mod and I will see how many people I get listening online. If I get enough people listening, i will broadcast the interview tonight at 11:00 when we go live… so tune in if you have nothing else to do!

Good news…! The Tavern gave me a dinner and all you can drink for 4 people at the Tavern any night for thenext month. There will be a very simple question between 11 and 12 tonight. If you can answer it, the dinner and drinks will be yours for you and 3 friends to enjoy! TUNE IN!

It’s 10:25 now… I cant play the interview if we don’t have atleast 2000 listeners… We are up to 1003 right now… Tune in. You could win the all you can eat at drink gig at the Tavern… :help:

Just curious, whats your average number of listeners? If you don’t mind telling.

We had more listeners last week but I had to go offline for 3 days to make the bandwidth more so tonight we only had 2997 listeners at peak time. We had a few more last night. Hope to get more by the end of this month! Thank’s for the interest! :bravo:

When I look at the listener/streaming statistics it shows that the lister peak is only 6. Is this accurate?

No, it’s not. It’s been showing that for a LONG time. Something wrong. Got stuck and I dont know how to fix :notworthy: it. Will contact the shoutcast pple. Thank you for your question!

RichardM wrote[quote]When I look at the listener/streaming statistics it shows that the lister peak is only 6. Is this accurate?[/quote]
No, but thank god for that inaccuracy. I thought I was one of only six listeners (when in reality the figure was more like three thousand) so I called in for the Alleycat’s competition and won myself a prize. The fermentation Gods were lookin’ after their devoted worshipper. Thanks Alan and thanks WWRN.

I used to tune into Virgin Radio online, but WWRN blows it away: what more can I say than the radio station makes me thirsty.

It’s great to have a Taiwan-based radio station broadcasting in English, but seriously: three thousand listeners?

Compare this to Forumosa’s 235 most users ever online. Click here to compare it to the number of listeners of other Shoutcast stations. Also consider the required bandwidth: 3000 listeners at 32Kbps means around 100Mbps. AFAIK, the fastest DSL upstream available in Taiwan is 1Mbps. You’d have to lease more than two T3 lines, which would cost at least US$ 10000 per month (in the U.S.).

When is the IPO? Can I buy stock?

Yes… we did spent a lot of money everything and to fix the bandwidth. Have my own server and I have couple of T3 lines. So I dont need to pay as much as you think. It’s all good and it is not as expensive as you think! :wink: This is Taiwan, you can get things much cheaper here. Anyway, I have many listeners that are not forumosa memebers. Many of them are just other foreigners and Taiwanese pple that want to listen to more western music.

Oh, and because I run my own server, we are not listed on Shoutcast.

I’m quite interested about wwrn.

What are your long term plans with this radio station? Do you intend somehow to get it “on air” in Taiwan. I mean actually on the radio waves in traditional broadcast style.

The reason I ask is because although the internet is great, I still feel it is slightly limited. For example, I like to listen to the radio in the shower, in the car or when I am out and about. Lugging my laptop around (and finding an incredibly long DSL cable to allow me to connect to the net) is obviously not feasable.

Also, I like the live aspect of your station the best. I like to feel that there is someone “on the other side” when I am listening to any radio station. That’s what makes radio “radio.” A sense that you are not alone when you are infact alone.
I know you are just starting out, but are there any plans to become full time in the coming months or years?