We are live from 10 pm to 2 am EVRYDAY… and we are working on getting it on real air as you said.
Long Term, we want to create a radio station for English speaking pple in Taiwan. Also provide a service to foreigners and Taiwanese who can speak English. Thank’s for the message… :bravo:


Well, it seems WWRN is for real. They’re putting their money (yes, they’ve got more than enough) where their mouth is, and will be broadcasting over the airwaves soon, not just the internet.

August 24 Edit: I ma no longer confident that WWRN has money, nor that they will be on the air any time soon. We still hope that they will be able to pull it off, though, and are looking forward to hearing concrete information from Ryan Dietrich, WWRN’s head honcho.

Gus and I have decided to support these guys as much as we can, and they in turn are hoping that Forumosa can play a role in the station’s development.

We have been offered a time slot on Sundays from 10:00 until 2:00 pm, to do basically whatever we want with. I’d like to be able to invite Forumosan guests on every week, playing their music, and talking about issues near and dear to their hearts. If Brian Kennedy wanted to come on and talk about the history of martial arts in Taiwan and play his favourite tunes, that’d be great. Tigerman, the Grateful Dead, and the joys of owning a Sharpei. Stray Dog, 914, Dragonbones and saving animals in Taiwan. Sandman, Poagao, and the Muddy Basin Ramblers. Alleycat and the trials and tribulations of opening a restaurant in Taiwan. BroonAle and his latex lovers. The list goes on… :smiley:

I’d also like to spend some time promoting Forumosa’s classifieds, in much the same way that ICRT used to do with their community bulletin board. Mainly, I just want to promote the foreign community here. Really, the sky’s the limit with how we do this. I see a great opportunity to start something great at the grass-roots level. If you have some ideas as to how Forumosa should programme its four hours, let’s hear them! :bravo:


Random thoughts…in no particular order…

1.) forumosa leanings? Sure, why not!
Sticky Topic of the Week
Call in discussion on why the “hot forumosa topic of the week” really twists your knickers.

2.) Foreign bands “Non-Stop We are Going to Rock You, Sweet Kitty” hour. Give foreign bands a chance to be heard…or at least appreciated. ‘Nuf said’. The more, the better.

3.) Taiwan newbie/ I need some loving/How do I use these funny little sticks to eat? “Dear Abbie” type stuff?

4.) Just good music. Lots of it…and I’m talking Sabbath, Zep, Ramones, Abba type stuff.

5.) Weather…this kind of shit everybody has and I think everybody can’t be wrong.

6.) “Issues Facing Taiwan’s Foreign Community Today” stuff. Reports or commentary or whatever.

7.) Strong business section. Moneyed people who use the radio site to make money might want to spend some AD dollars there. Money doesn’t suck.

8.) Events (do them for free). Charge for an AD blurb.

Guest: "And then his mistress…

Host: Screams, [color=red]“Go to Eatme Language School”[/color]

Guest: "…said that those little blue pills made no difference at all.

High quality marketing like this will send you all down to Moneytown.

9.) Umm…time…how much is spent on this new project?

10.) Yes, I’m talking about Stern…as in Howard. Bring him over here or make your own…though it would have to be watered down quite a bit. Develop a cult on a personality.


I think that this venture is well worth supporting as the foreign community needs a station that will cater to it as ICRT has become disconnected from, and irrelevent to, the community it was designed to serve. I hope it works out and we would be happy to support it if it provides another focal point for the foreign community (as Forumosa.com has become) and those Taiwanese ex-ICRT listeners similarly alienated by ICRT’s now not-so-new programming policies.

WWRN, if we can help in some way, please get in touch.


Bob Marshall
General Manager
Carnegie’s Taipei


How about a thread of the week?

Raising a kid in Taiwan.

English teaching and/or running any kind of business from the foreigner’s POV

Where have ya been in Taiwan this week…travel/fun places to go stuff…

I find one of the most useful things about this site is the wealth of knowledge about what to do/can be done in Taiwan: movies/eats/and outdoorsie places to go in particular.

It would be nice for other foreigners and locals to know that we are living here and we are having a good time doing so.

And music, sweet music, there’ll be music in the air…

The last time I listened to ICRT was 4 years ago. They had this deep grating intro…ICRT ROOOOOOOOCKS TAIWANNNNNN…and then they played Wham!..Get your boom boom into your heart…

that was it for me. :frowning:


Soukous music. Yeah!!!

Er, are you suggesting that you spend four hours a week promoting forumosa on a radio station with a substantial number of language learners amongst the listeners? Can we do the show without telling them about forumosa, please?

Interviews with cool foreigners doing things other than teach. Bikefarm, Honour, SuchAFob, Mark Western, etc.

‘A day in the life’ - follow someone around and report on how they live. Go watch Billy the Looser do his performing monkey in a kindy routine. Find a teacher who has got his shit together. What do those guys at the high speed rail actually do anyway? How does that little fat guy from AIT manage to spend so much time eating and drinking in the company of beautiful women?

Desert Island MP3s. What would you put in your 128Mb memory stick if you were going to spend a year in Penghu?

The Hartzell report. What has our legal eagle been up to this week?


Hey! Maybe if the Muddy Basin Ramblers were to get their shit together and actually record something we could get a little spot. O even go in the studio and play live-to-air. Is there a studio?


Yes Sandy, there is a studio. WWRN has just moved to a studio which is why it is off-line at the moment.

I’ll make an announcement when WWRN goes back online (should be tonight or tomorrow), and of course when it goes FM (in the very near future).



thebiggestnose wrote [quote]Sounds interesting but what’s the deal with REM?[/quote]

Yes, Ryan is interviewing them tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Sadly, REM is only going to spend about seven hours in Taiwan; they are doing a TV show at our station then they’re heading back to the airport. Man, glad I’m not an international rock star!! :laughing:


REM were delayed coming from Japan so they didn’t do their Taiwan engagements. The good news, however, is that they will stop here in about a week after they return from touring the small island to the west of New Zealand.


[quote=“almas john”]We are back on line!

When words fail, music speaks!!

Click on


If you have the latest Windows Media Player, you will hear the station as soon as you access the site.

Rock and Roll My Friends, Rock and Roll!![/quote]

I’m… very… satisfied… with… your… workflow… but… we… need… to… talk… about… your… program!

Rock and roll? I’m hearing “Let’s talk in English” from Taiwan’s Public Television Station and it’s brain-numbing! :astonished:

I… think… we… all… agree!

Hope it’s for testing purposes only.


Let me give you some free advice on what does not work. I just turned WWRN on (now I will admit it is kind of early in the morning, it is a bit before 6am) and what did I hear…some “Studio Classroom” type thing (i.e. a set of boy and girl english teachers talking to each other like they are brain dead or trying to be Mr. Rogers clones).

I flipped it off after about ten seconds. The free advice: you are better off broadcasting “dead air”, than some “we study english in the morning…” type deal at least if you want the Kennedy-Kuo household to ever tune in again. (even my wife, a local, hates those learn english radio bits)

take care,
Former ICRT Commentator
( a “victim” of ICRT downsizing and Mando-ization"


I am sorry you don’t like it Brian but we cant please everybody and anyway, most native speakers sleep during the hours of 5 to 6:30 am. A lot of students want to listen to this kind of thing early in the morning…It will change when we go FM.


Then should I assume the very first line on your website:
“WWRN is an online radio station focused on Taiwan’s English speaking residents.”
is not so accurate, as your reply to me says:
“most native speakers sleep during the hours of 5 am to 6:30 am. A lot of students want to listen to this kind of thing early in thr morning”

Which is it? A station for foreigners or a station for local kids wanting to brush up their english? I realize it is none of my business and I realize my comments may well seem harsh but I actually offer these comments in “good will”. Because I know from my ICRT experience the twin banes of “foreigner radio” in Taiwan are:

  1. Where is the money going to come from (this matters because, as ICRT found out, “who pays the piper, calls the tune”)?
  2. Are we a station for native speakers or not? (compromise in this area, in my experience, based on ICRT, does not work. To quote the Good Book, “a man can not serve two masters for either he will love the one and hate the other…”

Okay time for taijiquan and then off to work.
take care,


I know what you mean, we will sort out everything. Thank you for your honest comments/help. We need all the help we can get. If anybody else have anything to say, please contact us so we can make this the number 1 station for all of us!


I had a good time doing an interview there last night. Thanks for not telling me to slow down and speak…slowly…for…the…non…English…speakers…I did one interview a while ago where they did that, and it sucked. Killed every bit of spontaneity and interest in the content.

Your station has the potential to really go places. One thing: you need to redesign your website, make it simpler and less cluttered, less jumping 90’s-esque animated gifs and garish colors, make the first two things that viewers see your logo and the “listen here” button, and place the ads either more towards the bottom or on the side. Decide whether all of the content on that page really needs to be there, and shunt off all the unnecessary stuff elsewhere. Take a look at other radio sites for clues, like Hober.com, somafm.com and radioparadise.com. The easier it is to use the website the more people will use it.


Thanks TC. We will sure do that. Was great to have you in the studio! Hope to see you soon!


OK, tech support is difficult. Let me try again (instructions are for Win XP).

  1. Realize that you don’t need WWRN’s overloaded and badly designed website to listen to WWRN.
  2. Start your Windows Media Player (start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Windows Media Player)
  3. Press Ctrl+U or select File -> Open URL… from the Media Player’s menu.
  4. Type (or paste) wwrn.mine.nu:8000 in the dialogue box and then click OK.

If you’re not running Windows, open wwrn.mine.nu:8000 in the media player of your choice (those not working with Windows should be clever enough to figure out how to do this).


Thanks for your patience guys. It’s a skeleton crew operating at the moment so there are more play lists than we would like. Poor Ryan hasn’t slept for three days!

Maoman and I will be on air this Sunday - I’ll post details in the next couple of days.


Thank you to the Tavern for all their help and trust.
Please comment at any time. About the website:
It is not easy to get everything together. You don’t even want to know how many things we had to do to start streaming. ANyway. Somebody is working on the website and we will have a new website by next week.