The biggest problem out here is that the ship would go through hell during typhoon season. :frowning: Still, you got me thinking of Wolfman Jack with his huge pirate radio rig down in Mexico at XERF.[/quote]
First non government station in Switzerland (back in 1980) broadcasted from Italy which turned the whole thing upside down and finally private Radio was allowed. Was great as i could stop running around mountains on Sunday Evenings, was also the end of a great time doing pirate Radio.

Apparently one of the problems is that the DPP doesn’t quite return the “love” that many foreigners bestowed upon it. Whether it was because the foreigners were “rooting for the underdog” or because the were “pro democracy” and really hoping that the DPP could make Taiwan somehow a “freer” (i.e. freer for all concerned) society. Somehow the foreigner community got on their sh*t list, but it wasn’t because of the foreigners. When first I got here, probably 90% of the foreigners I knew were green-sympathetic if not actually cheering them on. Years later and, anecdotally speaking, there seems to now be the pan-blues and those who are completely disgusted by all politics on this island.

ICRT is the only station we’ve got … and the possibilities for a legit English competitor have been tossed in the bin for the near future thanks to Sir Fraudalot.

I do not think it is the question of the DPP or anything, the rules to optain a license (one with a genuine GIO chop on it) are the same tough ones for both locals or foreigners. Such rules, regarding minimum capitalization, contents, etc. are extremely restrictive in most countries to operate electronic media. Certainly would not expect any favours here just because of foreign nationality. There is actually an overdemand for frequencies, esp. in the greater Taipei area. Think about it (and do not get me wrong) this way, a bunch of Taiwanese nationals, operating Chinese Restaurants, some owners of Chinese Language schools and Chinese Language Teachers would want to open a Radio Station, let’s say in London. Do you think they would receive preferential treatment? :noway: The same at best! :s

Not even the aforementioned Virgin Radio is on FM nationally, only in London. If they can’t get a slot, I doubt anyone can.

Is it illegal to run an internet radio station without a license in Taiwan? I’m surprised it’s regulated.

My (late) findings are that there is no such thing, it falls apparently still under the same category as cable radio.

Good Afternoon
As most of you can see I am not a regular on this website and last used it more than a year ago. The reason I used it then was because I was not paid for work I did at a school for a month. I wanted to know something (and a friend who is on this site all the time) suggested I use forumosa.com. I cannot remember if I did post something or whether I decided not too. Don’t want to go into all the details. Yes, the guy that still today, more than a year later, hasn’t paid me is indeed the same R.D.
The thing I am most sorry for is that I didn’t do anything to stop him from hurting others.
I know many others had the same fate with R.D. but after reading all the things people have said on the radio station and kidnapping I would like to share something.
R.D. didn’t owe me that much money but still I was in the settling in phase in Taiwan. He still stayed in Yonghe then and me and my friends went to his house every night for 3 weeks to find him and to try and get my money.
One night I did indeed find him driving on his scooter in the same Yonghe area and stopped him. Now this is where it gets interesting. He told me that he will pay me but he can’t at this time because HIS DAUGHTER GOT KIDNAPPED and he had to use all his money to get her back. I said it was cool and felt sorry for the guy. If you would ask R.D. about this today he would deny it, i’m sure.
Whether this was true or not, I do not know but it was so interesting to read the WWRN story and to see that history can indeed repeat itself!!!

For me, the best way forward was to cut my losses and move on. This was difficult, cause every time I wanted to do something for the next 2 months I had to think about it because I didn’t have the money to go out with my friends or stuff like that. I did forget about it, but to hear what happened here makes me very angry and sad at the same time. I learned a valuable lesson in my first month in Taiwan.
I hope everyone that lost time and money will be able to get back on there feet and go on with their lives, hoping not to meet someone like this again.

Have a nice Monday evening.

Welcome to the club Anton! Worst RD might be walking freely on the streets of Taiwan again as early as from tomorrow from what I have learned today. Who knows when he will really kidnap (dumping your kid in a kindergarten and then sending out an SMS demanding ransome is not considered a crime).

Whatever happened to that bloke RB? Why did this thread stop?

In related news, about how scams occur everywhere:

Hollywood producer bilked US$5 million for TV show

the BBC News is reporting:

A Hollywood producer has been charged after allegedly taking $5.5m (


Could someone translate the below, asked the people in the office but then ended up with four or five different versions.


Here’s my rough and ready translation:

[quote=“The reporter”]A South African guy, heavily in debt, cooked up a scheme to trick his wife into believing that their daughter had been kidnapped, and text messaged himself a ransom demand for NT$5 million to try to get his wife to shell out the money. The Taipei District Court sentenced him to 6 months in prison, commutable to a fine at the rate of NT$300 per day, and suspended the sentence for 4 years.

The 29-year-old South African man married a Taiwanese woman named Liao two years ago, and after the marriage they had a daughter. Ms. Liao came from a well-off family. In September of this year, because he was unable to solve his financial difficulties, the fellow hatched up a scheme to pretend that his daughter had been kidnapped in order to extort the ransom money from his wife

[quote]I couldn’t be bothered to check back and find the fellow’s name, so I’ve just referred to him as the South African.[/quote]His name wasn’t mentioned because identifying him would identify the daughter who is a minor, and there’s laws against that.

They actually referred to him as “Zhang Rui-an”, which I assume to be his Chinese name rather than their own rendering of his English name (which I’ve forgotten completely and still can’t be bothered to dig up).

His Chinese name 張瑞安 Chang Ruey An was clearly printed. Just not his English name.

Does this mean the FAP would now cancel his visa for having a criminal record?

He needs to get Eric on his case. I’m sure his human rights have been violated somehow. Not sure exactly how, but Eric’ll know for sure.

HIS human rights? What about the rights of all the other people that he screwed? The judge should have thrown him into the clink for the 6 months!

As for turning over a new leaf… that will probably happen about the same time that the leopard changes it’s spots.

HIS human rights? What about the rights of all the other people that he screwed? The judge should have thrown him into the clink for the 6 months!

As for turning over a new leaf… that will probably happen about the same time that the leopard changes it’s spots.[/quote]

I think Sandman was being facetious … yeah, that’s it! :smiley:

It strikes me that he’s got off very lightly indeed. If he’d pulled the same stunt in the U.K., he’d certainly have received a custodial sentence.

At least I hope he’s learned his lesson and will give up using, abusing and defrauding people left, right and centre.

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and used to live in Taipei until late 2004, before I moved back to the States. I joined forumosa as I am considering a move back to Asia to continue teaching and hoped to find some info on work and life in Taiwan now half a decade later. I found this stream after a few hours of searching and am totally shocked at what I have read. I know its 5 years old and don’t know if anyone will find this info useful. I knew Ryan back then and am also a victim of one of his scams in which I lost about NT$20,000 (I am not going to go into the details but I trusted him and also got hurt for it). I didn’t know that he has hurt so many other people and have done some investigating and found the following information on him.

It seems he has moved to China as he has many companies listed all over the world, all with the same address and description of himself:

“CEO, Ryan Diedericks
Ryan has been with the company for over a decade (not possible - must be more lies) and has risen from operating director to CEO due to his diligence and the professional manner in which he treats his customers and staff. He has proven himself again and again to provide the highest leadership to steer the company to newer and greater heights.” - Obviously another scam, the website of the company looks like it sells fake products.

I don’t know how worthwhile it will be but someone on this stream did ask for his whereabouts/contact details:

Electric World Sale
1010 Gold River Plaza, 88 Shishan Road,
Suzhou, 215011, Jiangsu, China
Tel : 86-512-68187301/2/3, , Fax : 86-512-68187302

It may be worthwhile to get in touch with him. Maybe its time for everyone who has been cheated by this person should ban together and approach him. I find it shocking that he is able to get a visa to China after being convicted of a crime in Taiwan. I guess the authorities there don’t know about his staged kidnapping hoax of his own daughter. Just terrible.

Good luck to you all … I will be contacting him soon, even if I don’t get my money back I think its worthwhile to let him know all the hurt he has caused.


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