Jesus, I just read through all of this thread as well as the blog about him in Warsaw. There’s enough shit here to get him sued and maybe jailed in 5 different countries! How are there not open cases against him in various countries + INTERPOL? I suppose my answer must be that people would have to open cases against him and he’s usually gone by then… maybe I’ll start a blog or youtube series about his trail of terror. I wonder where he was before Taiwan and who he was scamming. Also crazy that he got away with multiple scams over a few years in China apparently, though according to the Warsaw blog he made some gangs mad so probably can’t go back there anymore.

I feel bad for his kid, who’s grown up having to suddenly move their whole life every year or two because their dad is a piece of trash.


Yes, in Cape Town, South Africa.

More interesting reading:

Look under the 9 replies in this article that I found. Looks like he ended up in prison after all.


This made my day. Thanks for bumping the thread.