Does Ryan have a local Taiwanese wife? I thought you were all talking about that last time at the station.

Can she be found?


He has a beautiful wife and daughter that I have a great deal of sympathy for.


After reading these posted, I truly feel sorry for those whom been hurted by Reyan and hope he would get caught one day, sooner or later. However, I wonder, does any of you keep a photo of Reyan so we know how he look like, preventing potential victim? Just a suggestion…



Ryan has been caught by the police, and has appeared on the local TV news.


[quote=“almas john”]NEWS FLASH

Ryan has been caught by the police, and has appeared on the local TV news.[/quote]
Uh oh! He was operating out of a buxiban, right? That means that all teachers are cheats and grifters as well as drug dealers, right?


What channel?


On most channels I think.

If you can read Chinese
tvbs.com.tw/NEWS/NEWS_LIST.a … 0908181614


Hmm, so much for getting your money back. This sounds like pretty serious stuff, faking a kidnapping.


One line summary:

The guy tried to fake his one year old daughter’s kidnapping to raise NT$5 million in ransom money from family and friends.


He either is, as Michel intimated, mentally ill, or he’s a Class A bastard. Can you IMAGINE putting your wife through something like that? :noway: :noway: :noway:


I just saw it on the news. Sad, sad stuff. In the space of one day, that guy threw away a beautiful daughter and a lovely wife. What the hell is the matter with some people? :frowning:


Pardon the bluntness, but there’s no other word for it:

What an utter jerk.


Well, not only is he a pathological liar, but he’s a complete idiot as well. It mentioned in the afore linked articles that he was hiding his daughter in a nearby kindergarten and that the police found her fairly quickly.

Hint to would-be fake kidnappers: If you plan on keeping your ruse going for more than several hours, try hiding your hostage a little further away than the local kindergarten.


So sad, man. The guy was perfectly happy on the phone, and seemed normal in person, but these past couple of weeks his life just totally went belly up. He must have been so desperate and panicked. I honestly can’t imagine how he must have felt.

He had big dreams for this radio station but things just didn’t turn out, money wasn’t there.

Sad, sad story. :frowning:


Unfortunately for a lot of people, this nonsense has been going on for a lot longer than a couple of weeks. I’m one of the many who got burnt by this guy. It’s just in the last couple of weeks that things came to a head and everything finally caught up with him.

I truly feel absolutely shitty for his wife and daughter. His wife is a genuinely beautiful person and must be beside herself now wondering how in the hell things ended up this way.


[quote=“almas john”]Here’s a picture of Ryan (the guy in the white T-shirt). Stay tuned for some more in the coming days.
Edited: I’ll try to post a picture here later this week.[/quote]

Does the pic of Ryan in the newspaper with the sheet covering his face count as a picture of him that you posted??

It’s funny, or maybe rather ironic, but I have watched Taiwan news with Ryan and discussed how pathetic it is when people are ushered around by the cops covering their faces for the cameras.


I don’t know how long ago the plan was hatched but I was approached quite a few months ago to get involved in WWRN. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I had my reservations about the authenticity of my ‘offer of employment’ and was concerned about the set up when I visited Taipei. Returning to South Africa, I was all set to resign from my two jobs and take up the opportunity of a lifetime, something that seemed to good to be true. Ahem - just so.

Luckily for me I was not taken in financially, and I wonder what I was supposed to be there for. Proof of intent? Another smokescreen?

I met some very good people in Taipei, people with whom I was looking forward to developing relationships with. That they were so badly affected is painful. I think of times when I sat in ‘meetings’ of great importance, when plans were made…plans that were just flights of fancy it turns out.

At the end of the day there is one thing I CAN rely on. Beer is still VERY good. Thanks John!


Ha Ha Ha, finally got what he had coming… what a biatch. :bravo: :bravo:


[quote=“Feiren”]One line summary:

The guy tried to fake his one year old daughter’s kidnapping to raise NT$5 million in ransom money from family and friends.[/quote]

I wonder how many complete fuckwits have done this after seeing that film where some rich blokes daughter fakes her own kidnapping to rip off her dad?

Jesus. Faking your own daughter’s kidnapping. How low can you go? Why didn’t he just marry a string of rich Tai Tais and nick their money? That’s what I would’ve, er, oops. Ahem. Accidentally revealed my masterplan there. Oh well, there goes the retirement fund.


No one can possibly understand the levels this guy stoops to including myself, but now I at least know where I can find him and that I will do…