X-Day on Xmas in USA: NO

I woke up from a daydream today, after my noon nap, and I had a premonition, and I usually don’t have these things. But I premonated that the terrorists are going tos strike on Xmas Day in the USA, and I just want to warn everyone. God hope I am wrong. But better to be prepared than not.

They struck on 911 which was the anniversary of something that happened in Isreal, I think the founding day of the Iraeli state, and they did it for symbolism. They are going to strike again on Xmas Day this week I feel because they think it is the birth of the Western messiah and they want to use this date again for symbolic purposes.

Please let me be wrong. I am only issuing this note as a premonition and not as a prediction and as soon as Xmas Day comes and goes without anything happening vis a vis this event, please delete this post then. But until then, how do others feel? Sometimes a premonition has logic.

Um Formosa:

9-11 has to do with the emergency number not something that happened in Israel. Could be a terror attack but have heard about impending attacks for two years now. Enshallah.

No, fred, look it up. Isreal was admitted to the UN officially on september 11, 1949. that’s why the terror people struck on that day.

there is an orange alert now in USA. I feel Xmas Day will be it, as terror people use their tactiks to strike TERROR into the hearts of ordinary people and Xmas Day is perfect for their gross mission. I do hope I am wrong.


I did not know that. Will look it up, but I can hardly see the significance of Israel joining the UN as a major date to rally the troops to commit terrorist acts against the United States? I mean if it was the founding date of Israel, that’s one thing but the date it joined the UN? Anyway, Okay. Take your word for it.

well, fred, don’t u see. this entire TError Jihad is directed at the Jews. it has nothing to do with USA or the West. If israel had never been created by the western powers, then all this would NOT be happening now. sad but true. The terrorists don’t want to kill Americans, they want to stop Western support for Israel. it is about this one thing only. this is the issue nobody wants to talk about. so yes, the date of Israel’s being admitted to the UN is very symbolic for those who hate the Israeli state.

btw, the greatest threat to weblogs and forums like this “comes from self-aggrandizing gasbag bloggers (‘gasbloggers?’) who attempt to take credit for events that would have occurred anyway, in the normal news cycle.”
I guess that makes me a gasbagger. ouch!


I think you may wish to read Osama bin Laden’s manifesto a bit more closely. Like Hitler (the Austrian), he detailed exactly what his plans were: Restoring the Caliphate and turning the whole world Muslim. He did NOT mention Israel or Palestine in his earlier pronouncements but getting rid of two superpowers: Russia and then America to further these aims. There was no talk of the Jews here. That came later when he sought to widen his appeal.

Other enemies mentioned were the Persians (who are after all Muslims but the wrong kind Shias and then again they are Persian!) the Hindus, the Americans and the corrupt governments of the Middle East that are in cahoots with America.

So sorry even without the Jews (always the Jews Poor Israel), these problems would have occurred at least according to bin Laden.

Also, I am pretty sure now that 911 had more to do with the emergency number in America and not Israel as you say. That is stretching this a bit too far.

FRED Smith, you are not serious are you? The terror people did not attack of 9-11 because of the emergency phone number symbolism. Did not, period. ask sandman, he knows everything. Where in the world did you come up with that info? wrong wrong wrong sir. Do you think history is a cartoon balloon? if you saw this info on the WEb somewhere, it is an urban legend. check again. rsvp

We can speculate why bin Laden choose that date until we get bored. But only one person knows exactly why, and we can’t find him.

true big fluff, and point well taken. but it coitanly was not the telephone number symbol. let’s get that straight. for all we know, it might have been a random day. any date has symbols in history. as for the coming attack on Xmas Day, we know the symbolism there. sad.

wrong again, thank God! Just goes to show: premonitions are just that, premonitions, and not based in reality at all. The terror people will attack again, but we don’t know when, and I hope we stop them first. meanwhile, consider this thread closed, mods. I regret the inconvenience.


You are hilarious.

This would bring it to three of your visions that have not materialized

  1. SARS - was it millions dying ?
  2. Invasion by China
  3. Terrorist attack

I would not have to be psychic to say that a terrorist act MIGHT happen somewhere tomorrow, but it will not be the terrorists that will have the final say ( since they have made their minds up already), it will be the guys that are trying to prevent them from doing this

And before we go down the road of what is their target, I just look at it this way

You can’t negotiate or rational with these terrorists nor change their minds. They have one thing on their mind that being wanting us to die. Their targets are anyone they choose at any given moment when they have an opportunity, not the Jews, or the USA, usually just innocents. You can’t wear a Shamrock or a Maple leaf and hope to be safe, as neither they nor their bombs care.

911 did not happen because of the US support for this or this. 911 happened caused these guys hijacked planes and tried to take as many people out as possible. It did not matter to them if they had killed 30000 or 3 million that day

The only thing I wonder about this Osama guy is he just twisted and believes in this shit, else he has some other hidden agenda

The only way you can fix the problem is purge them. Yet purge them in a way that does not give other Muslims ammunition to snowball this into something it is not i.e a HOLY WAR.