Xbox 360 - Price and Region Encoding


i’ve finally stopped laughing at the ps3 and am ready to buy a 360. anyone know where i can find a good price in taipei?

i’m also not 100% on the region encoding. does taipei use ntsc-j systems or do they have their own region?

i’m not sure if oblivion and graw are region free titles or not.


Costco sells them. I imagine their price is as good as any. I don’t own a 360, but the previous xbox sold here was ntsc-j (until I made mine region free).

The Taiwan 360 region is NTSC-J for games and whatever Taiwan is (Region 3?) for DVDs. GRAW is region-free, Oblivion is not but it is available in NTSC-J. The average price now seems to be about $12,800. I have a Japanese 360, some of those may still be available for a few hundred less at import shops underneath Taipei Main.

cool, i’ll head down to main station this weekend.


i suggest you dont buy a ntsc-u console (north america) since games for this region are much more expensive. many north american and european players now buy ntsc-j systems and import games, it’s still cheaper that way. a good place to get a 360 is in nova (3rd floor left). it is a chain store and they dont suck.

region free games are becoming a non issue now that the 360 has been officially released in taiwan. you need to get graw. 99 nites is amazing, i recommend it!

yep, try to get a jap 360. there is a good chance that the dvd-rom doesnt have epoxy on the firmware :smiley:

is there some place that I can buy ntsc u in taiwan

NO but you might try or other hong kongese online retailer like liksang.

again, games are way cheaper in taiwan. think twice before getting a ntsc-u…

I found a place in Taipei they change the firmware for you so you can play burnt copies…anyone tried that place? I am wondering if I will let them do it or flash the firmware myself

do it yourself, it is very easy. be aware that flashing the dvd drive f/w, you lose the warranty of your console and take a very very high risk of getting banned from xbox live sooner or later! if i were you i’d put a modchip in.
do you have a samsung or hitachi drive?

I got a samsung drive…about the modchip…it’s not availabel yet is it? if I put the chip in I wont get banned from live? if that’s true I might as well get the chip heh

where u at are you in Taipei

it has not been confirmed that ms can detect this hack. if they can, a mass ban might happen anytime soon. it’s just like gambling. the protection a modchip can give you is that you can easily switch between hacked and original f/w depending on wether or not you are online.

you can build your own modchip for about 250nt to 350nt. you’ll find erverything in that large electronics store at the computer market. it is as simple as it gets and there are diagrams on the net. you have a samsung drive so a modchip can be flashed easily. the soldering is pretty tough though especially if there is epoxy on the pcb.
there are a couple of modchips out in the wild but they are pricey and none of them is actually interesting.