Xbox backup query

Hi everyone

I have been here in Taiwan for almost a month now and all of the gaming stores that i visit seem to have hundreds of backup ps2 titles available but dont have any xbox backups in their stock.

Most store owners tell me its because the demand is not high enough, which is understandable.

I was just wondering if some of you in Taipei had seen any stores that provide a backup service for xbox games? Maybe the larger cities like Taipei have a bigger xbox user base than here in Taichung…

hope you can help me out!


by ‘backup’ do you mean not paid for ?

good to hear demand isn’t high, there are some decent honest people out there…

get off your high horse matthew…
heaps of people have posted on here regarding backups and i dont see you jumping up and down

You mean to tell me that you have never, ever used a copy of a program?

I dont appreciate your allegations. I own over 40 legitimately aquired xbox games. How do you know that i dont want backups of these titles, which is a legal right?

‘he who is without sin, cast the first stone’

[quote=“pubba_man”]get off your high horse matthew…
heaps of people have posted on here regarding backups and i dont see you jumping up and down[/quote]
look again, they all make me sick

that’s right

only legal if you already own a legal copy. If you really think it’s legal, why are others ‘legitimately aquired’


if you want free games, go into a shop and steal them, it’s even cheaper

ROTFLMAO :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for your contribution Matthew

Getting back to the topic, has anyone found a place that does xbox backups? I would be eternally grateful, it also means i can send my originals home so my nephews can play them :slight_smile:

If you dont have anything constructive to add, please dont bother posting. That includes other idiots that are sitting happily on the higher moral ground.

cheers !

Can’t you just go to the place you bought the games in the first place and get backup copies? Maybe Fnac would do it.
Is it really legal to do this, or is it piracy? I’m not familiar with the legal aspects of this, but I’d be interested to find out.

I only ask because you mention the “moral high ground,” so I presume that what you are asking is illegal. Although I’d argue that honesty is not necessarily a mark of idiocy.

It is your legal right as the owner of a software title to obtain a backup copy of that software. If you sell or dispose of the original, then you must also dispose of the backup.

Its great if you are really careful with your games (ie: collectors) and dont want other people dropping them on the floor during a beer fuelled all night HALO session :slight_smile:

Forgive my other rant - i am just feeling a tad sensitive lately. Maybe its all the people that keep staring at me whenever i leave the house :shock:

sucks being 188cms tall, 110 kgs with bright blue eyes and a goatee in rural taiwan! Maybe when i can learn some more mandarin it wont be so bad…

Also - all of my games are legitimately aquired, I work in the graphic design industry and I know how annoying it is to have your work pilfered and used without your permission. Its a crime and it should be discouraged. I resent being labelled as someone that is not ‘decent and honest’ due to an assumption on an internet forum by a person that I don’t even know…

once again. maybe i am too sensitive :slight_smile: