XBOX Prices

G’day all, just trying to hunt down the cheapest place to finally get the XBob. Now I’ve seen it in Yungho for $7 490, so I’m tipping if it’s that much here, then it’s going to be a hell of a lot cheaper elswhere. If you’ve seen it around, could you post the price and location, thanks Amos. If you’ve seen the PS2 at the same place, that price wouldn’t do any harm either. I think the PS2 was $7 990.

RT Mart list the XBOX at NT$7490 and the PSII (incl GT2000) at NT$8999(!) in their latest catalogue. Have you tried the XBOX? Had a go on one in a department store running a car road racing type game. The controller is very nice (Better than PS controller in my opion), however the game did seem very slow to load up, change scene etc, and I thought I noticed a few slight stutters during some of the graphic intensive scenes. Try before you buy!

Hi amos, how are you mate? :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the xbox here in taichong with DOA 3 packin for about $380AU - $420 AU with chip installed