Xiǎo Liúqiú

Does anyone know anything about this place. I’ve searched the entire internet, wikipedia, and forumosa to come up with almost nothing:

eng.taiwan.net.tw/lan/Cht/attrac … d=R30&sid=

In Chinese it’s 小琉球

I’ve been invited to sail there next week. I have a feeling I want to go. A lot. Can anyone relieve me of my ignorance?

This blog post has some useful information and lots of photos.

Little Liuqiu Island

Me and the wife went there a few years ago. It was a nice little island with some caves that were kind of fun to wander through. From what I remember, the shores were mostly dead coral and could be brutal if you tripped. But it was fun looking through all the crags and chasing the little crabs around.
There were some bungalows and some camping sites when we went. It could be more built up by now.

Had a great trip. Lovely. Go there.

I think Cruising Life is going to post some pics on her blog…


GAAAH! It’s one of those sites with sappy automatic music on it!

Somehow I feel you guys went to a different 小琉球.

But then again, you probably also missed the ferry catching on fire too.

Little Liu Chiu Island is an tropical island in the south of Taiwan.
The sea was ultra marine blue there and the sunshine was so friendly that we all got a little sunburn.
We went sailing with Captain Kao in Kaihsiung.He instructed sailing skills there.
He was a media photographer before.One day ,he quitted his job,sold his house ,flied to Sandiago, bought a boat
and sailed it through the Pacific Ocean to Taiwan.He is a nice and humble man.
We had a great time sailing with him.I tried to uploaded photos here but it failed.
I would like to share the beautiful tropical views with you guys.
Here is the link to see the photos of the little island sailing trip.


BTW,the boat is called"Yu Luh"(愚路號)
It means the path that the fool walks.

Speak for yourself, baby. I never get sunburn. :sunglasses:

Captain Kao is cool, by the way. Who’s up for a group charter? 3-4 days around the only coral island in Taiwan. Could do diving too!

I put some pics on my own site:

taiwanchallenges.com/Sailing … iu-Island/