Xiamen - Must dos?

I’ve always wanted to go to Xiamen, I think because years ago I knew someone who studied at Xiamen University and I thought it sounded like a reasonable place. So, despite the black rain forecast and the fact we have a flight from Shenzhen, Missus Huang and I are headed there tonight.

Anyone got any must dos in Xiamen? I sort of like the idea of looking at Jinmen from China. Is that possible the way it is to look at China from Jinmen, or are the PLA less welcoming of tourists on their front line?


Our mutual friend, He Who Walks the Earth, just got back from there, he reckons it’s more Taiwanese than Taiwan.
Also, it’s apparently Snake Head Central, so the streets are crawling with PRO-fessional types. You may want to leave the Princess of Siam at home for this one.

I’ve done the boat trip to Xiamen. It was pretty lame. You sit in a boat for an hour, approach some rock that has some characters on it (I think it was something about reuniting China under sanmin zhuyi), take your picture, and then sail back. I remember going with a Chinese friend of mine and on the voyage back trying to chat up some pretty girls, but suddenly losing my lunch from seasickness.

Gulangyu Island.
I haven’t been but it’s on my “to do list.” Lots of old European buildings and the place has banned motorised vehicles. You could wander the streets soaking in the faded glory of the treaty port era, and imagine yourself back in those days selling opium to AC Dropkick’s ancestors.

The Chief, yes indeed, He Who Walks, or these days cycles, inspired me. The Princess of Siam is very much with me on this one, so I’ll just have to forego the services, however professional.

Alidabarc, from which direction were you coming? I’m in China now and flying to Xiamen.

Almas, Yes, Gulangyu is a must see, and if they’re not too far away, I’d also like to get to those mad round Hakka houses. Will drop a field report. Missus Huang’s had the camera fixed so hoping to get pics. I’m sort of hoping the sight of all those old opium warehouses triggere an historical genetic craving in our man ac_dropkick.



The boat ride was from Xiamen. Like I said, lame, especially if you have the chance to fly through Taiwan and visit Jinmen rather than float a few hundred meters away from a random rock.

It’s a few years since I was last there. The places that will be listed in the guidebooks are Gulang Yu, Xiamen University, Nanputuo Temple and the Amoy Botanical Gardens. A few other interesting things you can do are take a ferry somewhere, visit the Bridge Museum under the Haicang Bridge or hike around some of the hills in the centre of the island. Just wandering around the old area of the city is also interesting.

If you want to visit the Hakka houses they are about four hours drive from Xiamen. The area with the most tulou is in Yongding County. To get there go via the city of Longyan. Some more information here.

Some websites for up to date information about Xiamen are:


Wix. you’re a saint! Just plotting my day.

Many thanks.


Came home to computer problems, so haven;t had time for the writeup I planned, or been able to get pics up. However, let me just say that the biggest no brainer I;ve seen in a long time is to open up Jinmen to mainland tourists. They are gagging for a look at Taiwan and Jinmen being an island would be a very clever way to get that rolling.

Will edit this with a bigger wite up when I get time.


Seems like you have already been, but a great day trip out of Xiamen is to see Tong’an Film City. It is kind of like China’s Universal Studios, minus the rides.