Xiamen Typhoons VS Tainan Foresight rugby game

Step up, step up.

If any of y’all have free time, head over to Xiamen for an epic weekend of ruggers, beer glugging and tomfoolery, on the 14th-15th.

First time in history a Mainland based team is playing a Taiwan team. I don’t have much history on the Tainan team, but here’s our website: http://www.xiamentyphoons.com/

As usual it will be a cracker, at one of the best venues in Asia for a good ol’ game of ruggers.

I reckon it aint that hard to get here - get to Kinmen, then catch a ferry over to Xiamen.

I’m keeping this short, but hope to see a couple of ya’s there.

Are they really called ‘Tainan Foresight’? Strange choice of name.

Better than “Tainan Foreskin”.

Better than “Tainan Foreskin”.[/quote]

Well, that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw their name. Maybe it’s the way our minds work, jimi.

I’m guessing that ‘Foresight’ is the name of a sponsor.

They’re a company team.

Should be a goody. 80 minutes of ruggas, a weekend of fun.

I know you would need to get visa to come here. But should be good.