Xiaomi CyberDog 2

Xiaomi launches CyberDog 2

[~50k TWD]

Xiaomi unveiled the bio-inspired quadruped robot, CyberDog 2, which comes as even more intelligent and lifelike. Weighing just 8.9kg, approximately the size of a Doberman, it is also smaller in size than the previous generation. CyberDog 2 is equipped with Xiaomi’s self-developed CyberGear Micro-actuator, which further enhances the robot’s mobility and supports high difficulty maneuvers, such as continuous back flip, and fall recovery. It comes with more precise control and will remain intact, even if continuously touched. Besides, CyberDog 2 is equipped with a fusion sensing and decision-making system, offering 19 sensors for vision, touch and hearing.

In addition, CyberDog 2 has been made as open-source as possible, from coding to structural drawings, as well as providing graphical programming and the modular processing of various sensing capabilities. With its continuous open-source ecosystem, the CyberDog family will attract more developers to take part, while continuously promoting the progress and enhancement of bio-inspired robots to truly benefit people’s lives in the future.

All the better to spy on you with…

Chinese cyber cat that barks.

Their CyberDog 1 never went on sale in China or elsewhere. This might be just another marketing stunt.

what if it bites you like a pitbull and doesn’t let go, even after factory reset?

What if the dog meows and continues to meow after a factory reset?

It will probably start doing that once the Chinese invasion starts :man_shrugging:


probably can sell on eBay for a premium

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Won’t do as well in a korean hotpot as the real thing, though.

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What if I take it to the dog eating festival in china?