Xiaomi Smartphone

I emailed Xiaomi Taiwan about the fact that their website only has 1 model and instead of giving me an answer why they told me to call their customer service for any inquiry. I was surprised only one budget model shows up as available. Maybe they are giving up on the Taiwanese market ?

Looks like they are, could be due to the US tech restrictions, perhaps they’re running low on components and prefer/have been instructed to preferentially service their local China market.

Maybe it was a chatbot or clueless tech.

They may want sales questions directed to sales reps.

There were at least 2 models in the store a couple weeks ago both in $5-6000 range.

I decide to jump ship and try their top-of-the-line model in Taiwan,
They decide they don’t want to sell many phones in Taiwan.

Only two models marketed in the Xinyi store.

And one of those is out of stock! Spec.'s are not great on the 8T but then the price is low, just don’t expect too much.

Note 8 Pro is cheap and quite good.

Make sure to get international version. China version has limited band support.

Xiaomi seem to have restocked, decent discounts on a range of phones on their website. No sign of the 10T Pro yet though, I wonder if the One China will hold for that one!?