Xiaomi Smartphone

Been hearing good interesting things about this smartphone and wonder if it is available in Taiwan.

One interesting thing is the weekly software updates based on user requests… “Xiaomi is more guided by its users, releasing a new version of its MIUI software (based on Google’s Android operating system) every week in response to their suggestions. In some cases Xiaomi asks users to vote via weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, on whether particular features should be included or how they should work—a form of democracy its American rival would never countenance.”

Yes it is … software updates are frequent but not weekly … I have a Mi2S

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I’ve been wondering about xiaomi phones as well, are they rootable, and are there any decent custom roms out there? or are you locked into the stock rom the company provides only? The frequent roms sound awesome though

I’m content with what I have … don’t need root

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra gets top of the line reviews. Supposedly best phone available but not outside China. Or Taiwan?

Anytime tried it or other Xiaomi phones?

I’ve only seen it at the store. It’s crazy how their phones blatantly copy iPhones design without even trying to make it look original.

That phone’s specs look amazing. I was just about to buy the xiaomi black shark 3 gaming phone but I might hold out for this.

Do you know the price in Taiwan?
The phones overseas import prices with Banggood are very expensive.

I would buy one if I could be sure that they don’t phone home. But I hope they’ll get Apple and Samsung into gear.

Apple and Samsung keep raising the price every year. And there are gobs of people lined up saying “shut up and take my money” so no incentive to lower their prices.

Not really, the iPhone 12 is $699, can even get the SE 2 for $399

From Apple Canada

Pre-order now
iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro
6.1-inch display¹
From $1399

Pre-order 06.11
iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max
6.7-inch display¹
From $1549

This is in CAD yes but that’s outrageous for a phone.

And then if you dare to want more storage because they dont have an SD card slot




Xiaomi Taiwan seem to have reduced their cellphone line up to just one or two. My wife has used xiaomi phones for the last 8 years or so, never had a quality issue, excellent value for money.

$699/$799 is hardly outrageous for the latest phone with the same processor as the 12 Pro Max. It’ll get 5 years of updates, so you’d be paying like $15 per month if you kept it until it’s life cycle.

Sure, you can search for the highest end model, with the biggest memory and search in Canadian Dollars too to try and prove a point, but if you want the best of anything then expect to pay a premium, phones are no different.

The Xiaomi Mi Home stores seem to have a big selection when I walk past but I haven’t actually checked variety yet. Maybe it’s a big display of only a couple models.

Mi Home, No. 20號, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei

I didn’t pick Canadian dollars to make a point. I am Canadian so unfortunately apple et all give us the shaft in pricing. Even in USD the vast majority don’t need the latest model phone to upload Snapchat videos or check their email. A mid level or budget Android does the same at a fraction of the cost. Updates are hardly a selling point for the average user

My point is the average Joe doesnt need an overpriced top of the line phone but they want it so Apple and Samsung dish out the high prices because people are willing to pay. I think it’s stupid but then again they are billion dollar industries because there are so many willing people lined up to be fleeced. And good marketing makes people feel they must get it. But hey it’s not my money.

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You can try visit and check, last one I was in had only 2 models and there website seems to be limited to just one now. Few months ago they had a wide selection.

That’s maddest part, memory modules are so cheap to buy!

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I’ve got a Redmi 7A that I bought after a long run of iPhones and i’m pretty content with it. It was only £50 or something, does everything I need it to. Battery life is great. Had it a year now.

I’ve heard reports that they can’t be trusted and in the UK generally we are still struggling with 5G fear so i don’t think they are popular hence the insanely low price for what it is.

Also i never update anything, pointless.

Tbh I’d go back to apple if they improved their design, but I’ve not liked their recent ones. That and no 5g until the recent release is why I went with Samsung last time.

So if Xiaomi’s phone is rated as one of the best available, and better priced than others at the top levels, then it stands to reason that lower level Xiaomi phone’s are probably better value than comparable phones.

Reviews I’ve seen give good reviews even to the budget Xiaomi phones, and especially good value than comparable phones.