XP Pro v W2K Pro

Has anybody moved from W2K to XP Professional and if so would you recommend it ? I would not want to move to XP Home, but have been told XP Pro is a different kettle of fish altogether. Is it really an improvement in terms of speed and efficiency ? And does it require enormous amounts of memory to do the same thing as W2K ? (I’ve always found each MS new OS requires much more memory and faster processor than the previous one. How does it handle dual processors (in comparison to W2K) ?

much faster, not only startup, but overall is better, both are
based on NT, so the dual processing is handled the same way

I upgraded on the same hardware, so it worths the upgrade to
XP Pro, not home :sunglasses:

by the way, if you have a dual CPU server , you better think about
Linux :smiley:


Don’t upgrade to XP. Stick to Win2K if I were you. I have dualboot at home for Win2K and WinXP but I mostly used Win2k. WinXP looks slick but I it’s much slower slower than win2k since it used a lot of memory for unnecessary displays and animations.

You can however tweak your XP after installation to make it runs faster. Shutdown some services. Turn off some animations. Etc.

Well, the choice is yours. My free advise still. Keep your win2k.