Yahoo! over eBay? >_<

I don’t understand why people here use Yahoo over eBay … From a seller’s point of view, I think eBay is all over Yahoo… Anyways, enough with my sorry bitchin.

I’m settting up shop to supplement income… and so Yahoo it is - mei ban fa. I know I can probably just list [spam] 20 of the same items individually but I’d prefer to list multiple items under one ad, and sell the items individually at a “buy it now” price each – all within the same ad. I realize this is prolly a dumb noob question, but does anyone know if this is possible in If so how? :help:

To clarify (and I hope I’m not being overly redundant), but I’m not trying to sell entire quantities of same items listed as one lump sum. Rather, I’d be selling [a given quantity] of the [u]same[/u] items [u]individually[/u], within the same ad, each at the same “buy it now” price… for example, selling 100 doggy biscuits at a buck each… and as the items are sold, the quanity shown reflects the quantity available.