Yamaha Cygnus

Hi all,

There are not many Yahama dealers in Kaohsiung, so I asked my husband to call the shops and ask about prices etc.

There seemed to be some confusion because they do not recognize the model name (Cygnus).

They mention either two color or one color.

Looking at the website it seems that the Cygnus X SR has two colors and the Cygnus X has one color.

Is that the only difference between these two models, or is the X SR a later model.

I’m asking this because someone wrote to make sure to get the new model because they have solved a carburettor problem.

The shop also mentioned that the X SR has ‘TPS’ anyone know what that is?

Is the Cygnus X SR a 4 valve?

I was quoted NT$61500 for the X SR (Including 1 year compulsory insurance and registration).

The shop also mentioned that the X SR has ‘TPS’ anyone know what that is?[/quote]

tps = Throttle Position Sensor

its a three pin connection to your ECU, the bikes electronic ‘brains’

senses the physical position of the throttle(1/2 open, 2/4 open, WFO) and electronically adjusts the ignition angle to correspond with the ammount of fuel ur dumping into the engine…better ignition, better riding at higher speeds…

For those who are interested I got some more info on the Cygnus x and SR.

Cygnus 125: 1st generation Cygnus.

Cygnus X 125: 2nd generation Cygnus. Single color. 125cc 4v engine with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). The Yamaha dealer assured me that it will do 110km tops, and is more fuel efficient than the SR. Cost NT$67500 (Including registration and 1 year compulsory government insurance.).

Cygnus 125 SR: 3rd generation Cygnus. 2 color design. It will also do 110 KM. It does not have EFI but uses ‘TPS’. Cost NT$61500 (Including registration, 1 year compulsory government insurance,1 year optional theft insurance.).

Hi all,

I now have to choose between buying a Cygnus with EFI or TPS.

What are the pros and cons of EFI ( I have heard that it can be more trouble than it is worth - in the long run.)?

Any suggestions?

EFI! drool!



I bought a KYMCO 125cc with EFI last August. Exremely glad I did. So far, not one bit of worry. Smooth acceleration and response along with excellent fuel economy.
I looked until I found a shop that knew what the ll they were doing with EFI and bought the 'scooter there. IMO that is a major factor.
Good luck.

It’s up to you bro…The Cygnus with EFI hasn’t sold well since they have fixed and updated the “lagging carburator” issue on the carburated models…I’ve tried the EFI model and saw no difference with the carburated version of the current model…

Also, Yamaha got a bad reputation for their EFI because of the problems the EFI majesties have had!..(too many to name)

Remember, it’'s just a scooter and given that there is not much of a noticeable difference between EFI and TPS…I’d keep it simple, save the cash and go for the carburated one!..(also, how many “butcher mechanics” know how to fix a fuel injection?)


EFI all the way. I don’t care what the problem is… it’s far better.

I’m giving the Cygnuses/Cygnii/Cygnuxes their own thread.

They sound like nice pieces of kit to me. Fairly zippy, decent luggage space, relatively low emissions… Let’s hope a 150, 200 or 250 version makes its way onto the streets.

I’m interested in the EFI/carbureted debate. Turkey Dinner, you say EFI is better all the way. Care to elaborate? I’d also go for EFI but concerned about the reports of the Majesties.

I’ve always wanted to turbocharge a scooter. EFI is the way to go because of flexibility (realtime adjusting) and management (realtime reports). Carbs are great if you’re Mr. Carb. I’m sure there’s already aftermarket EPROMs for the ECU on that bike. I’d love to grab a throttlebody off a majesty and start playing today! I’ll wait a couple years for a dead one to come available so I can rip it apart and build a stinker (althought, lets face it 67k is peanuts).

So yeah, EFI is the way to go if you’re interested in modifying or fuel econ. The service could be the shits or they could be having problems… I’m not sure. I’d love to find out though.

Can anyone tell me where I can get info on them. I’d like to know all the specs on the majesty and the Cygarette. Throttle body diameter, compression ratio, valve size, piston size, blah blah blah. All the important stuff.

I’m not a turbo expert, turkey, but I doubt you could find a turbo small enough to be spun by the amount of exhaust produced by even a 250cc scooter. Maybe something in the vicinity of 600cc+ could, but there’s not really any scooters that big in Taiwan.

Feel free to prove me wrong.


Actually, I love superchargers. Much simpler than turbos. Again, the problem is finding one small enough, then you need a wheel to turn the damn thing. The smallest SC I’ve ever seen is the Toyota MR2 SC, and it has a displacement of a litre and a half - more than my scooter.



Cygnus is it pretty fast? I want to get a quick 125cc scooter…what are some of the faster 125cc scooters? tahnks

IMHO the SYM Duke is still faster than the Yammy. You can buy a Duke for 10K (or dead one for 5K) and spend another 25K for one of the faster scooters in your district. You can learn about engine parts and/or watch the guy at the shop bust his balls (work with him like I do) for free. The bike will drive and look like new anyway.

So you’d have a cool bike (not just another one off the assembly line) and you can skewl the yammies for half price (35k or waaaay less) if you’re on top of your game.

I’ve seen lots of smaller turbos. Just google Honda Monkey turbo :smiling_imp:

ok I got symco r1 z 125 i think it looks verynice…

question other then the basic insurance…what else should I add/available? do you guys just have the basic insurance and that’s all?

so for my bike r there much mods available?

Insurace for theft or pain? I have basic accident insurance and a lock for theft. I think the best way to prevent theft is to keep a low profile.

I’ve seen a bike get stolen right beside mine because it looked pretty. They were one bike away from stealing a good ride! :smiling_imp:


What sort of antitheft does the Yam come with? I bet they have ignition kill.

so when you park the bike outside do you just park it and put on the lock…but this I thnk they just lift the bike and steal it…or they have the rail thing that’s cemented to the ground and you can lock bike there…I heard it’s so easy to steal bikes what do you guys do when you park your bikes outside?