Yeast infection advice

Because they do not sell Monostat here, I am using “Mycostatin Effervescent vaginal tablets”. But the man at the drug store said to use them “5-10 days” I said “5 -10?!?! which?” and he said to quit when I did not need them anymore.
Confusion abounds.
Has anyone (or anyone’s lady) ever used these? How long do you need them?

“Mycostatin Effervescent vaginal tablets”.

A truly fascinating visual comes to mind.

If he said 5-10 days, then you should use them for 5-10 days (there is a certain logic behind that). There are tablets that are used for only 1-3 days and there are tablets that are used for 10-14 days. If it feels fine after 3 days, you should still use them for a few more days - otherwise it might come back right away.

And I hope you’re already familiar with this thread:

Take care. :rainbow:

can you get Diflucan(fluconazole I think is the generic name) here? It’s great, you just take one tablet and its gone, that is unless its really bad in which case you have to take a course.