Yellow Lab Found Starving in Park Needs a Home

Yellow Labrador found starving in riverside park needs a home.
Sweet temper, doesn’t bark, about 2 yrs old. This dog has had some training! Hard to believe no one wants him: He is 1) house trained (trained not to make messes indoors) 2) curb trained (trained to poop in the gutter when on a leash), 3) does not pull when on a short leash, and keeps pace with you (unless he sees a ball or another dog). 4) does not beg for food when people are eating, 5) sits on command and waits for you to fill his food bowl before rushing over. All this good training needs to be reinforced, of course. Already cured of parasites, the dog is gaining weight. He does have an allergic rash on his back.
I live alone in a small apartment and cannot handle the responsibility of caring for this dog much longer, though I have no idea what to do with it if someone does not take him soon. I am leaving Taiwan for Chinese
New Year and must board him at a vet. If you are interested in this dog (either long or short term) please…please contact me after Chinese New Year. I am desperate to find a better solution than his master
did. Please help. Contact me if you want to see a photo.

I can fix the lunging-at-other-dogs problem and will happily train his new carer for free so that doesn’t become an issue.


When you get back, please tell us:

  1. Exactly where and when you found the dog.
  2. Whether you have had him scanned for a chip.

Quite likely a dog that has been trained so well was lost, not abandoned.

For the record, this dog ended up with a good home and a loving human, but it took a while.
When he was young, he was bouncy and uncontainable, so a few adoptions did not succeed. Then he found a friend of mine and lived to the end of his days with her. He mellowed out as he got older and was the gentlest, best dog in the world.


Hooray for happy endings!