Yet another Gold Card and dependent visa question

Hi all, I poked around but didn’t find updated information. This forum has been so helpful in preparing for our stay in Taiwan–I really appreciate it!

I’m planning to go to Taipei in late January or early February 2022. (We’ll be there just through August 2022, but I don’t rule out coming back more permanently later). So I have some time to work with, and am hoping COVID restrictions has been loosened by then.

Despite the shut down of offices, I was surprised that the Vancouver office allowed me to come in for passport verification yesterday. That is all done and they said I should get an e-mail in a week or two. I signed up to pick up the card in Taiwan. Now I am regretting that slightly and wonder how it is best to proceed…

When I go to Taiwan I’ll be bringing my husband (currently a student) and daughter (age 10). I’ll be affiliated with a university as a researcher, but a Visiting Researcher’s visa wouldn’t sponsor dependent visas/ARCs, so I opted for the Gold Card. Our biggest hurdle will be figuring out school enrollment for our daughter ASAP, and I know we’ll need an ARC for that.

Normally we’d come in visa-free: is that something that will be allowed as long as I have the receipt for the Gold Card, and we apply for the Special Entry Permit? Or should I try to secure dependent visas through the TECO here in Vancouver?

Of course I realize things could change a lot in the next few months…

Thank you!

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How do I apply for an ARC for my dependents (i.e., spouse and children)?

AFAIK there is no visa-free entry until and unless the entire world stops panicking over a disease that is about as bad as the annual influenza sneezeathon that we’ve largely ignored for centuries.