Yet another mass shooting in the US

Unlike NYC, reactions have been calm and subdued.

I’m sure glad the “thoughts and prayers” after Vegas barely a month ago stopped this shooting in Texas. Can’t wait to hear another round of that hollow bullshit.


Very obviously the work of someone trying to boost gun control sentiment, or so half of white America believes.

I’m fairly anti gun but I’m glad someone was able to get him to retreat. Most of the damage was done it seems but it still may have saved a few people.

"Assault type rifle" - I wonder if he had one of those bump stocks that suddenly soared in sales immediately after the Vegas shooting.

…and which still have not been banned/regulated in any way yet so far up to the moment by proper authorities.

If there was a “good guy shooter”, that will be fodder for less gun control. It is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but long term is an argument abused by gun fans.

A small church in a small town community in the middle of nowhere… nowhere is safe?

This week there was also another one when a jerk opened fire in a Walmart.

In times like these, I go read Obama’s tweeter post to gain a little sense of hope that people will get it together and take steps to prevent gun violence down the road…


Thoughts and prayers are fine. But these people were at a church, I think it’s time we move past just thoughts and prayers. I mean do people actually pray when they say that? Or is it just like something someone says. I never actually say that because I actually know i won’t pray for people most of the time. And I’m not sure what they are praying for?

It’s been such a bad year for America.

Actually, a church in Texas is pretty much where I expect this to happen.

2016 was a shitty year as well. It’s gonna be crap for 5 years at least…

Too much Quentin Tarantino.

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This morning on the news:

Coup in Saudi Arabia
Hunger in Yemen, Somalia and Puerto Rico
Shootings in US
Trump and Abe playing golf.
WWIII will be announced on Twitter.

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Another happy day!

Or college campus, or military base, or Luby’s.

Gun control will work about as good as Muslim control, don’t ya think?

Oh, NYC is still fresh in the minds. Not a shooting, but a tragedy all the same.

The other question is why recently? I mean the same guns have been around in huge numbers for decades with few if any mass shootings prior to Columbine. I can only remember the shooting in the 80s that caused the Brady Bill… whats the reason for the out of control ramp up in shootings after the year 2000?


Both sides have their angles.

The left is gun ownership control. The right is immigrant/Muslim control.

The shooter was white with no apparent political bent (that has yet to come up. won’t stop speculation, though) so the left will have a field day.

Had this guy been an immigrant, especially one from a non-Western European nation, and/or a Muslim, then the right would be screaming hysterically for more vetting or bans.

Both will have the exact same ends. Absolutely nothing. No one will be any safer or secure. Ban guns, ban immigrants/Muslims, no difference.


Black president.

Economic kaput.