Yet another mass shooting in US


Not all gun shows. Only the ones without licensed dealers. Attempts were made to put an end to this, but NRA lobbying -and punditry and demagoguery, has killed all attempts.


God bless America. :cactus:


If he cannot be Muslim, make him Antifa.

Nice to know this wasted no time in getting politicized, by the very people who complain about these things getting politicized.

To that end…



Why are they playing victim? They cannot blame on someone else? They can’t blame Islam or Immigrants? So they have attempted to hang the Antifa albatross on him? Which, even if it was true, would be a non sequitor UNLESS it was somehow proven that that is what drove him.

So for now we are left with a pasty white guy shooting up a church. Had he been Muslim or Immigrant, you know as well as everyone else, the narratives would be quite different. Do not try to pretend otherwise.


I think he’s referring to the retards that after each truck of peace start to claim:“The real victims are not the people who have been killed, but the poor muslism who may get some weird looks on the road”. In a similar logic, the real victims of the shooting are not the people who died, but members of NRA & other pro-gun folks. I mean, it’s the same logic (not that it makes sense in any of the two ways).


This is the truth.Sensationalism sells.
US is a Jerry Springer show these days


It used not to be this way. The NRA used not to have any political involvement. Well, to the degree they do today. It used to be just a collection of gun owners and hunters who swapped stories. It wasn’t until the John Birch crowd took over the GOP in the 80s/90s that they changed tact.


There’s a difference between being a mass shooter and being a terrorist.


go on…


Some initial observations:

At least this one definitely isn’t a Muslim. But shame on those trying to play the race card.

There’s a difference between the police and good guys with guns. Reports are it was good guys with guns who brought this one down, because the police were a bit slow. If true, it wouldn’t be the first time.

The good guys with guns might have saved some lives if that church hadn’t been one of those damned gun free zones.

Speaking of which, that militant atheist had a point about Christians being stupid, and he proved it.

Speaking of which, Christians have a point about militant atheists being intolerant, hypocritical assholes, and this one proved their point.

Darwin hates weak targets.

At least he didn’t run them over with a truck.


By the power of magical thinking.


People who are legally barred from owning a gun, can buy them through legitimate means. The so-called gun show loop hole. Buy from an unlicensed dealer, since they are not federally required to do checks.

Also, the argument gun control, or ownership control, will not lead to a drop in mass shootings does not explain why nations that have tighter laws than the US has have less mass shootings. What are the numbers from Canada, the UK, the EU? Australia? Taiwan? Singapore? They all have tighter, and in some instances, very strict gun laws on the books, criminals there can buy guns on the black market, yet do not suffer the same ill effects, to the same extent as the US, that have promised by the NRA et al.

Even factoring population differences changes nothing. How many violent crimes in the EU, or Russia?Japan? India?


i guess some people would say that some mass shooters are not terrorists, if they don’t have say a political goal, or link to any organisation.

but how bout the organisation that sold the gun? aren’t they linked to that?

and what is “political”? some would say political refers to anything relating to the public sphere. bullets flying around in public are not political?


1966, Charles Whitman killed fifteen people and wounded thirty-one firing from atop the Texas Tower, University of Texas, Austin. That was the start of it all.


Using this, you can take ISIS off the list of terrorists, since they have no political agenda. Their aim is to kill, and only kill. Just like mass shooters.


Mexico, ferinstance.

Of course, it’s hard to compile numbers, because so many places with tight gun control laws are borderline failed states, largely controlled by banditos and corruption.

Now, In Nazi Germany they didn’t have mass shootings. They used Zyklon B instead. On account of they needed the bullets for other purposes.


You seem unclear on the notion of “political agenda.”


Taiwan has quite tough laws, are they a failed state? Canada? Singapore? Australia? Japan? South Korea? China? Russia? EU?

Unless your idea of a failed state is any that is not led by 45. I guess that would qualify as failing state.


You do not need an agenda to be a terrorist.

ISIS has the goal of bringing the end of the world, one attack at a time. Al Qaeda had an ultimatum. You stop, we stop. ISIS has no such agenda, except kill.


Remind me, why do you like Taiwan so much?