Yilan Creole


I came across a pretty amazing youtube channel that gives people a flavor of many reconstructed and obscure/dead languages.

The owner of the channel is obviously Japanese, and he focuses mostly on Asian languages. The one that caught my attention first was the Kyowa-go video.


Kyowa-go (協和語) was a pidgin language developed in Manchuria after 20 years of effective Japanese control. I knew the existance of Kyowa-go and was fascinated that there’s a video to approximate the sound of Kyowa-go. Despite the sad circumstances that gave rise to this pidgin, the language itself is freaking awesome.

Then I saw the Yilan Creole video, which is supposed to be a Atayal-Japanese creole. The Altayal is said to be from 寒溪語, which technically wouldn’t be categorized as Altayal today, and should be Seediq Tuuda instead.

I did not know such language existed. I’m geeking out, maybe someone would find it very cool as well.


Wicked cool indeed.
Right up Brother @Fortigurn 's alley, I imagine.

Very interesting indeed. I also had no idea this language existed.


Actual usage of Yilan Creole

Title of the song is Ski to Yube

Ski and Yube are probably Japanese. Ski = すき and Yube = ゆ(言) + べ (Kanto sentence ending word)

to = Seediq focus marker.

This creole has caught some attention in Japan as well.


Thank you for posting this, this is easily the coolest thing I’ve read/heard all week (maybe all month). It says on Wikipedia this was discovered in 2006, I wonder if there were other pidgins or creoles with aboriginal languages elsewhere that are gone now and we never knew about.