Yilan Nightlife

My subject is the joke. There is no nightlife here. Amongst the three to five pubs in town, half of them are solely devoted to finding you a hooker. The aptly titled “PUB” that slumps across from the southern end of the night market is full of drunk asian men whose sole purpose in life is to try and yell at you for not speaking Chinese. The staff at “Double Pub,” across from the train station is great, as is the owner, and if you drink six, you get a free beer, but everything else is overpriced and the alcohol was mixed by a blind man with two fingers. Blue and Bali, words in the names of two other bars that I have not been to don’t have great reputations either. I guess the point it, what in the hell does one do in Yilan, past 10 pm, that does not include drinking outside a 711/FM or seeing a movie on shitty screens>?>>>>???>>>>>>>>?

One moves to Taipei.

One moves to Taipei.[/quote]

Or back to Moose Jaw.

One gets a hooker. That’s what the bars are for. :loco:

Why does one move to Yilan in the first place?

…hess promised visions of grandeur beach life

Just wait until Typhoon season. A gas generator and warm bottle of Tai Pi will be the only nightlife you’ll have.

I’m with urodacus, stick with the hooker bar. In fact, can you post more information regarding said bar? I have a ‘friend’ who would love that sort of thing.


Hahahaha, I’ve survived typhoon season 2010. There was many a night of 7-11 whiskey and taped windows.

The hooker bars are all around this area. I don’t have any interest but I know a few foreigners around here who get bored. You walk in, wait and someone comes up to you. It’s really that easy. Anything beyond that I don’t know.

Tylan, there are beaches of grandeur here, but Hess will never let you get a house remotely close to them… :wink:
Have you met the local foreign crew? Send me a pm with your number if you’re interested, we’re probably getting together for some riotous living on the beach this weekend. You can come. As long as you’re not lame. Would help me if you’re a hot guy. Age 27 or older please, I’m always hanging out with 23+ it seems. Am I asking too much here?
Oh and you’re right, there is no nightlife, you have to make your own. HOw long have you been here?

Dude! You’re desperate! You’ve actually went inside the bars in Yilan! The bus to Taipei is pretty fast you know? That said I tend to drink beer with my father in law as he has a 50" screen and shares my passion for old HK movies:D