Yo Yo Ma Concert Saturday in Taichung - Any Info?

Yo Yo Ma is in town this weekend. The English papers said he was to hold an outdoor concert in Taichung on Saturday night, April 24. There was no reference to where or any other information. Does anyone know anything about this or where I could get more detailed information? Thanks in advance for any replies.

From a news story:

[quote]The concerts, to be held in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, will feature a repertoire that includes Ahmet Adnan Saygun: Partita, Opus 31, Allegretto; Persian Traditional: Ascending Bird; and Chinese Traditional: White Snow in the Sunny Spring…

The concerts will be held at National Concert Hall, Taipei April 22; Fulfill Amphitheatre, Taichung April 24; and at Jhihde Hall, Kaohsiung April 25.[/quote]

Thanks cranky laowai. There was no mention of the Fulfill Amphitheatre in the blurbs I read. Now if anyone knows anything about ticketing or for that matter where the Fulfill Amphitheatre is (I couldn’t find it on a google search) that would be great. Thanks.

Fulfillment Amphitheater is in Wenxin Park.

Ticket info:

Thanks cranky laowai, don’t know how you did it. I couldn’t find a thing.

Much appreciated! :notworthy: