Yoga in Taiwan

Does anyone know where I can buy yoga accessories in Taipei (mats etc.)?


Gold’s Gym next to Da An MRT station sells yoga mats. What other “accessories” do you mean?

So does the Nike Store near the Shilin night market.

-As I recall they have the mats and the blocks.
-Costco is selling yoga pants … ie) lose fitting jogging pants but very comfy.
-Find yoga books at Fnac or Eslite

Hmmm, perhaps I should buy my own mat, too. The ones they provide in the gym where I attend my weekly “yoga for beginners” class do not smell at all good, and I’m sure they never get washed. When I think of all the sweaty feet that have plonked all over them…

Thank you folks - actually I am looking for a gift for someone. Seems that yoga doesn’t have many accessories. Sheesh you would have thought that those wandering Hindu Sadhus, in their wisdom, would have thought of that. Even Nike is finding it hard to dream up some “must have” yoga items.