Yonghe to begin limiting electricity usage after midnight!?!

Just informed by city announcement that electricity will be turned off after midnight, to conserve energy. :astonished:
Is this what we should expect from Taiwan’s new president regarding energy conservation… wtf. :fume:

This seems to be a completely backwards policy since they have the most available capacity at night. In addition to that if you want to conserve electricity then the answer is to raise prices. This would of course affect the poor the most and the DPP is sensitive to that.

It will be interesting to hear the expat political blogs take on this. For years the gov’t has been talking about energy shortages and it has been dismissed as leverage to open the 4th nuclear plant. Or perhaps this is a temporary local issue that is the result of an issue that needs to be fixed. So far there is a lot of info missing on what is happening.

[quote=“downtownandrew”]Just informed by city announcement that electricity will be turned off after midnight, to conserve energy. :astonished:
Is this what we should expect from Taiwan’s new president regarding energy conservation… wtf. :fume:[/quote]

Highly unlikely piece of news…pls provide us with some source.

Yeah currently “永和 停電” turns up no recent news results in Google, which I think it would if this were actually happening.

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to do. There’s no system in place to regulate where stays on and where off, other than for streetlights. The electricity supply cannot distinguish between the Family Mart on 1F of my building and the rest of the building. Same for most places with supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores etc. Turning off all the electricity is going to mean they lose all refrigerated and frozen food. No way would Taipower risk massive lawsuits like that.

So yeah, the leccy went off in Yongho 12 pm to 6 am…reason was to switch in some new equipment.


When Taipower is going to cut electricity in your block -or several- they paste a pink slip of paper detailing which streets are affected, dates and hours. usually won’t last a full day.

We have plenty of experince with them cutting our power frequently due to the new MRT line works, plus the Big MRT F***Up where they left us almost 2 days without power when someone who had not slept enough cut a main line -all of a sudden and without warning in the middle of the summer. That got us well acquainted with their compensation system.

Taipower has been pushing this line of not enough power for quite a bit. Apparently, it is not completely true to the facts. However, I do hope anyways that Taiwan can turn to cleaner energy production -for the sake of the air we breathe- plus other initiatives like updating the grid -those light posts from the Japanese era really have to go- update the transformers -especially the one sin Xindian which hang from above mentioned Japanese era posts, not to mention the fact that they probably were installed when Chinag Kai-shek arrived-, in summary, better infrastructure. Then we can talk about limiting power consumption through regulation of prices for peak hours for example, or gen initiatives like green rooftops and alternative energy production.

Well our building was not effected… but it seems incredible dangerous: There are people with sleep apnea machines, people who work in other time zones, elevators… its so insensitive.

If we pay the electricity we should be able to monitor our own use, not treated like children. I dont remember the last brown out in Taipei. Nor was it that hot. I understand now that it was to install new equipment but the announcement on the P.A. system for my neighborhood clearly said it was to “save energy in the summer time.” not because of a construction issue. Like a dictator telling us what they are going to do with our utilities.

Dunno how taking power out once will save power. Did they say this was going to be a weekly thing?

They are always telling people to save energy, especially in summer, when most people who have an AC use it. Every summer they propose carrot and stick, but so far, no blackouts.

Sleep apnea machines? Try our old vetererans complex, where we had several elderly and infirm, plugged in to assieted breathing machinese. Those have limited battery power. When we had the meeting with Taipower, their children were the most vocal.

For harebrained saving schemes, have a look at the plan to send the malls/department stores to “rest a few hours” in the afternoon. Firts of all, many people escape the heat going to the malls and departments stores, heck, libraries and metro halls, in summer. Second, those are not peak hours, but still have peak customer traffic. Third, the savings are not significant.

If they are worried about the summer electricity, why not invest in solar infrastructure? Solar panels should be cheap with China close by. Plenty of summer heat to power them up.

Are they actually trying to reduce power usage or just switching in new equipment as suggested by the bear?