You And Your Finger Nails

I’ve asked a few other foreigners here if they have noticed that there finger nails grow faster in Taiwan then home. Most have agreed. Back home I would cut my nails every three weeks or once a month, here it’s every two weeks without fail. I chalk it up to the humidity and climate. Since it’s dry where I’m from. You?

that is weird. i’ve noticed it too, but thought it was just me.

Watching fingernails grow…WTF

I think daily grass growth is a little bit more, and the last time i was watching paint dry here it seemed slightly quicker.

Easy explanation. Time is a bit slower here, so these things only appear to be relatively quicker.

Have you noticed you nose hairs grow to massive lengths here? while you’re sleeping it seems?

The only difference I have noticed since coming to Taiwan is that it has suddenly become necessary to shave my ears.

i notice this as well, not due to having nothing to do all day but watch in utter fascination, but before going to kung fu classes. it ain’t nice to try to grab someone and accidentally scratch em.

but have no idea what it’s due to … something in the beer?

Who cares… let’em grow… that’s what the locals do, anyway :taz:
Seriously though, it seems to be related to heat and humidity. All I could find about it is this:

My nails definately grow faster here. This thread reminded me of the two girls I used to work with. I seemed like, every second or third day, they would cut their toe nails while working at the front desk. No one else noticed until I said, “Oh! That’s gross!”. :sick: They never did it again after that. :smiley:

I’ve noticed that I have these long girlish eyelashes (the ones I’ve always dreamed of :lovestruck: ).

:astonished: My girlfriend told me the exact same thing yesterday! Spooky… :saywhat:

Can’t say that I’ve noticed accellerated growth anywhere, except that planks warp faster, if you watch them closely. :sunglasses:

I just bite them… :unamused:

My growth has mainly taken the form of strange fungi.

And then this other thing, but that’s not due to Taiwan–that’s because of this stuff I ordered from the internet.

:astonished: My girlfriend told me the exact same thing yesterday! Spooky… :saywhat:[/quote]

I asked my wife last night, and she reckons she told me that months ago…I can’t have been listening, must have been watching a hole in the road get bigger or something. But, I think you guys ARE onto something, I think my nails may have grown a visible bit since yesterday.