You choose: Lingerie or CDs?

Today I read an eye opening article that reported the Taiwan’s lingerie market has now reached sales of NT$25 billion.

The Taiwan music market will only reach NT$5 billion in sales this year.

You choose…

  1. hot chicks in sexy underwear, or
  2. not-so-hot chicks singing crappy music

It’s simple. You can play the same CD a couple of times in a row without having to wash it. Lingerie, ideally, has to go into the washer now and then, so you need a couple of sets. :laughing:

Now what Taiwan needs is lingerie with mini-chips embedded in it that play annoying Japanese soft pop.

My response would be, “Of course” more than “eye opening”.

One can not:

–down load lingerie off the net for free
–burn a copy of a friend’s lingerie for almost nil

But then have you slipped on a CD, and pulled up a tight pair of jeans?

Could be very painful.