You just don't understand CLA culture

Forced labor amongst Southeast Asian contract workers? Shit, forced labor in the international development ministry [TaiwanICDF ] with an LSE-educated masters grad with British and Canadian passports as a victim.

I am glad Taiwan has been classified as Tier Two. I especially love the ministry’s “some misunderstanding” response.

Hey, isn’t the former CLA Chairwoman running for mayor in the South? What a great legacy towards Taiwan’s “internationalization.”

Exactly the level of professionalism one would expect.

Here is the Taipei Times article of July 18th. … 2003319313

[quote] After the US downgraded Taiwan in a high-profile report on human trafficking, some fear the council will address the bad publicity and not the criticisms[/quote]How long before they put up a poster at the airport saying “Taiwan, happy home of migrant workers” ?


I think someone should work on a Photoshop version of that pronto.

well, does anyone has a pic of him and a nice rack by his side?