You know you’re tired when

You’ve just drank a Red Bull then fell asleep afterwards.

You’ve climbed on top of the missus and zzzzzz…

You fell asleep on the bus to Taipei & woke up back in Taichung.

Any others ?


Tbh caffeine always made me tired because it makes my heart faster + combined with low iron doing the same just NOPE lol.

But you know your tired when you can actually fall asleep before 2300

You know you’re tired when you can’t be bothered to spell correctly.


So ducking triggered by that

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I put the wrong one too omfg. To be fair I need a nap.

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You fall asleep and when you wake up the pandemic is over…



I’m more of a fan of colliding with other universes and/or being destroyed by other universes bubbling up within our own. The Big Chill and the Big Rip are too old school.

Like I always say, the long term trend is global cooling.

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You just moved house.

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