Youbike in Kaohsiung!

I hear Ubike is popping up in Kaohsiung. Don’t know if supplementing or replacing current Citybike.

Does anybody know if Taipei registration will work in Kaohsiung or have to do another registration process of some type?

I hope not. I love how I can use a credit card to quickly grab a Kaohsiung bike without registering which ubike forces everyone to do. It’s very convenient for tourists

Can use credit card in Taipei.


I use the same easy card, registered only once, in Taoyuan and Taipei, so I would guess you wouldn’t need to reregister in Kaohsiung. Let’s hope it’s that smooth.

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We use our cards in kaohsiung. Same as the mrt card. Need to.double check with wife as a couple years back ktown and capitol hill carda only worked one direction. Fairly certain this was resolved last year.

I think the real question here is who wants to grab a Youbike and cycle from Taipei to Kaoshiung? Would Youbike allow this?

Ubike starts sending me texts after a few hours and rates go up.

If riding long distance for a long time it’s good to swap out bikes occasionally to baseline the rate again.


There’s always one.

Well, you do need to wait 15 min before taking another one or the time will just keep going, no?

If you return the bike the fee time doesn’t keep running, you’re just locked out of renting another bike for 15 minutes. I’ve used that 15 minutes to go grab a drink or snack and sit in the a/c for a bit.


Okay. I knew it was 15 min, I just didn’t know why.
Thanks for clarifying it.

Does it always lock out of bike for 15 minutes?

What if you pull a bike out, and notice it has a flat tire, and replace it? Have to wait 15 minutes?

I can’t find that info on their websites.

Good question. I’ll experiment later and see what happens.

I have two youbike cards.

If I remember correctly you have two minutes after renting where you can put back your bike without being blocked for does 15 minutes.


If you return the bike to other station then you have to wait 15 minutes to be able to rent another bike
If you notice the bike has a flat Tyre , brakes problem , seat and so on then you have less than 5 minutes to return the bike in the same station , so you can avoid the lock out for 15 minutes

more info in the below video and article (Chinese)


A similar thing happened to me last month. I didn’t check before the bike before I unlocked. Went to get on it and quickly realized there were no pedals. Promptly put it back (less than a minute of having it unlocked) and was able to get another one without waiting.


I’ll definitely try it the next time I’m in Kaohsiung. If I remember correctly, the former blue rental bikes didn’t have any gears, so this is an improvement. I haven’t yet tried the 2.0 bikes; has anyone noticed a difference?