Your celebrity three

Yummy! :lick: :roflmao:

Namahottie, nothing like putting all your eggs in one basket. Come on you have to have at least one more to add to your list… :wink:

[quote=“Namahottie”] Takeshi Kaneshiro

One is enough.[/quote]

Uhhhhhhh, pssst, you know he’s a 'mo, yeah??

Best not to pry, by which I mean he probably does girls like they’re boys.


Quentin, google ‘The Tudors’. I like speedy older guys in bands; what’s your question again?

The chief, yes, I am a retard. I do not consider this to be a problem, as a higher IQ would certainly benefit others more than myself.

THREE Dannii Minogues would not be surfeit.

[quote=“the chief”]Are you guys just plain retarded, or what?
(right click)View Image>copy URL>paste it in the middle of the Image tags[/quote]

If they let you do this, that is.

[quote=“Quentin”]The amazing thing is that while I’m going off about this obscure punk rock star, no one has mentioned your questionable in:

You have weird taste in men. If I you ever tell me, “You’re not my type,” I’m going to actually take that as a compliment.[/quote]

Yes, Buttercup’s choices are a bit shocking, but I understand the Henry VIII pick–just LOOK at that codpiece!

OK. Google ‘The Tudors’.

And that pic was of an older man. The younger was quite slinky.

I liked the guy’s style. Set up his own church, had his wife accused of incest and executed, ate a lot of pies.

How about these three?

Okay, now this is more like it.

Just as an aside, I’m actually decended from Henry VIII. Don’t remember all the messy details, but somewhere on the wrong side of the sheets.

You need to raise your sights, surely.

I’m still laughing, for some reason this reminds me of Steve Merchant’s great, great scene w/Barry of “East Enders,” whatever that is/was, in the BBC/HBO tv ep of Extras where the gang met David Bowie (Merchant and Barry tried to pick up up two women; it’s Merchant’s word order that reminds me of your quote).

EDIT: wtf am I doing in D&R?!? Christ.

OOOPS!!! just to clarify, I meant ‘in relation to the chief’, not to the general populace!!!

Forgot about Julian Cope.

I’d roll nekid in a field of stickers for a shot at Gabriel Aubry.

What? That’s crazy talk. I’d have a lot more respect for you if you’d said Paul Weller.

What? That’s crazy talk. I’d have a lot more respect for you if you’d said Paul Weller.[/quote]

Paul Weller is boring.

Cathy Bates, Tera Patrick, Sharon Stone (at least you could talk to them afterwards).

Your mother, your daughter, and your wife.

Preferably all at the same time.

The Modfather? Funny, back in 1983 I was quite infatuated with the man, I thought he was the epitome of kewl. I’ve always thought he looked good since then, too.

Pretty stylin’ for a 50-year-old, if you ask me. Or are you of the opinion that this is a conventional Britpop mid-90s look a la the Gallagher brothers? Or has he always been a bit too concerned with “fashion” and “image” for your taste?

Maybe I’m asking too many questions. Maybe you just think he’s boring.

David Bowie
Kaoru from Dir en Grey
John Malkovich