Your most dangerous road in Taiwan

I was reading about this topic in a magazine and it got me thinking: What is the most dangerous strech of road for you, here in Taiwan? What makes it so dangerous for you? Other riders and cars or just the condition of the road and how it’s designed? Is there THE ultimate killing zone somewhere?
That would be interesting to know…

The most dangerous road in Taiwan… hmmm…

I’d say any road that has Taiwanese drivers/riders attempting to operate vehicles on it…

Bei Yi Gong on any night, Dong Hai Hwy any day. I thought we had a post on this a while back, I’m showing my age here. :grandpa:

Bei yi night or day.

Bing Hai on weekends.

Both are deathtraps.

Every road, alley, lane, boulevard, crescent, street, hallway, sidewalk etc… in Jiayi

Hwy 9 between Shiding and Yilan (crazy truck drivers on a winding mountain road)

Hwy 9 between Suao and Hualien (crazy truck drivers trying to squeeze as many gravel deliveries as they can in one day)

I rode that sucker last month at night on a bike (moto), not a lot of fun.

I don’t know the name of the road, but the worst must be that piece of shitty road between whatever and whatever en route to Hualien… the one that has the gravel/cement trucks on it… driving like they are (brain) dead already. :s :s

The second worst piece of road is in Taroko Gorge itself. Why? Because people drive like absolute arses… to get from A to B as quickly as possible… just to spend a few minutes there and then to speed off at a hundred miles an hour to the next pisshouse or eatery. :loco: What the fuck for? :loco: :loco:

I’ve been driving here in Taiwan for at least 6 years now and I thought I had it all under control. :frowning: Obviously not!

No idea, but I feelt unsafe when I drowe from so-au new station to so-au port every day on a scooter next to the gravel trucks.

In the begining my so would not let me because she heard about the bad reputation off the truck trivers around there.

This day I only nead to drive next to the litle blue trucks :moped:

[quote=“stan”]I don’t know the name of the road, but the worst must be that piece of shitty road between whatever and whatever en route to Hualian… the one that has the gravel/cement trucks on it… driving like they are (brain) dead already. :s :s

That’d be Hwy 9. The Highway of Death.

I’d have had to agree with you if you had asked me a couple of months ago. However now, since the tunnel has opened and we have the new freeway straight to Yi Lan, that w=road is an absolute dream to drive/ride on.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Yi Lan 2 or three times. On one of the trips, I passed 2 trucks and about 5 cars. Nothing passed me or even attepted to.

At night it’s slightly diffewrent because you get the boy racers in their souped-up idiot cars racing, but I’ve only seen it two or three times and I can either drive faster than them or pull over to let them pass.

Weekends? A different story.

Taichung after about 1:30am. For some reason what law and order there is here only lasts until the early morning, at which point it’s a free-for-all on the roads. Even the police don’t come out. Avoid any intersections running against the major roads or you’re guaranteed to be flattened by a stupid prick in his black BMW doing 140km/h through red lights on city streets. I vote that anyone doing more than 50km/h over the limit in a car should have their license revoked for 100 years and car smashed up by the local residents they enjoy terrorising on a daily basis.

Special mention goes to the 12 that runs off the 1 into downtown Taichung via Taichunggang rd. It’s not so bad in a car but the bike lane is completely congested with punks who think ‘defensive riding’ means getting violent with anyone who’s doing less than 110. Weaving back and forth unnecessarily is also really cool. Bunch of cocksuckers. I’m sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Please continue,

In Taipei, my vote for most annoying road would be Gee-Long Rd.

The most dangerous though, if you are going east on Ba-de Rd, and cross over Gee-Long Rd, and start heading into Nan-Gang, when Ba-De Rd becomes Nan-Gang Rd, it is just a nightmare all the way to Xi-Zhr. There’s something waiting to kill you at every corner or little intersection along the way. And it’s always raining it seems. The road quality is all over the place as well, no consistency.