Your most dissapointing PC game!

List your most dissapointing PC game and why ?

Battlefield 2I love playing this game but have ceased to do so recently. Why ? Reasons listed below

(1) Tediously slow loading times
(2) Frequent disconnections from servers
(3) Huge patches
(4) Having to pay for euro force add on a second time after my pc crashed as I downloaded from there site onto my hard drive. My pc crashed and had to re-install windows so lost the euro forces pack.

Basically this game is fantastic in terms of graphics and entertainment but sometimes it really really sucks to play online! Lag can be terrible! I think it could of been one of the top games ever, but its potential was wasted but the above points.

EA Games has really gone downhill lately. They release games with bad coding, and even worse post-release support.

MOH Pacific Assault was a huge dissapointment. So much so that i shunned BF2. :smiling_imp:

Activision’s COD2 was ok, but did not really live up to the hype. Several functions missing, a poor AI in SP, and the initial release of the product without Punkbuster. I’ve just recently started replaying this game, with the new patch w/ punkbuster. The jury is still out on that one… :ponder:

Since I got my Xbox 360- I haven’t played any PC games- in fact I’ve taken them all off my system to free up space and improve my PCs performance.

I’m guess I’m a born again console gamer now- I’m playing games from my sofa- which I had never actually used in 9 months of living here and the dogs had assumed that it was their chilling space- they’ve been evicted.

I agree about EA stuff- especially the sports titles- FIFA runs like shite and was better in 1996, Fiught night 3 looks great and plays ok- but it seems unfinished, there isn’t even a referee in there which is disappoining when the fight suddenly ends for no apparent reason- it turns out that it is ref stoppage. They could have incorporated a ref into the game, surely.

I’m glad that other firms are dipping into the sports game realm now- look out for ‘Table Tennis’ by Rockstar.

Guess I hijacked this thread…

Thanks for the informative replies. Actually i myself have started to play Battlefield Vietnam again rather than Battlefield 2. I prefer the environments in it and although loading times are bad it doesn’t crash as much as Battlefield 2. It also doesn’t take up the huge memory of Battlefield 2.
(Speaking of Rockstar games have you played “the warriors” if so what is it like ? Is it worth getting ? As i loved the movie all those years ago.
Also, can either of you recommend a good zombie game for me, you know the kind where you have to shoot thousands of zombies ?

i was very disappointed by doom3. way too dark and unplayable

try condemned, you wont shoot thousands of zombies but the atmosphere is great.

Hey wasn’t this the game that the church of england were trying to ban ?Apparently some young man in Britian went out and murdered some people and blamed it all on this game. He thinks he was a normal everyday human being before ! (yeah right). Anyways i guess it was bad(actually good in terms of sales) publicity for the game.
As i recall they (the church) failed to get it banned !

just looked it up i made a mistake the game was called manhunter.
here is the link … 20kill.htm

I have been disappointed with Sims 2, but that’s because my video card sucks so the graphics are slow and minimal.

But I think SimCity 2000 was the biggest disappointment I’ve had with a game so far. Not at all what I thought it would be.

No-one’s mentioned Daikatana yet?

sim city 4. ea games again… this was a new computer and the game ground down to ram death before my city could even get going.

Sid Meier’s Pirates (the remake). The graphics are fantastic, and it looks like it would be a really good game IF IT DIDN’T CRASH EVERY 30 SECONDS! :fume:

And that’s not just my computer, that exceeds minimum requirements. Aparently lots of people have the same problem.

Is there a patch for it? No! :fume: :fume:

Does Firaxis offer any support for this piece of crap disguised as a game? No! :fume: :fume: :fume:

Will I be duped into buying anything associated with Sid Meier and/or Firaxis in the future? NO! :fume: :fume: :fume: :fume:

Every single Peter Molyneux game since he left Bullfrog (well maybe with the exception of “The Movies”).

When he was at Bullfrog we had Populous, Syndicate I and II, Theme Park, Magic Carpet and my personal favorite Dungeon Keeper I and II. All those games were original, innovative and fun as hell to play.

After he left and founded Lionhead all we got hype and nothing else. Games like Black and White as well as Fable over promised and under delivered.

I keep hearing that about Fable. I just bought it because it looked cool and it rocked house for me. Maybe part 2 will live up to the part 1 hype?

The last PC game I bought was Half-Life (one) just so I could get the Counter Strike add on.

My friend gave me a game called XII. It was pretty cool, but it ended on a big cliff hanger and just left me sitting there like WTF?!? That kind of pissed me off. Halo 2 pissed me off that way, but not as much.

Master of Orion III

Lucky me, I only rented it for one day.