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Hi! My name is Anže Kos. I’m a youth basketball coach and a professional basketball player from Slovenia, looking to continue my playing and coaching career in Taiwan or anywhere else in Asia. I have both, basketball and coaching resume available. I’m essentially looking to play for a good local basketball team and also coach youth basketball on the side. I have experience in three different countries; the United States, France and, Slovenia. Was wondering if any of you can point me in the right direction or connect me with the right people which could help me with my playing and coaching career? Any help from anyone is very appreciated. Please leave your comments below or direct message me on my Facebook or Instagram for anything you need or anything you want to ask. Thank you and looking forward to it. Anze

Facebook: anze.kos.7
Instagram: @anze_kos


Hey, where are you located now. At what level and where did you play?

I’ll reach out to some people and see. If I can help.

Like I said to you in the PM. If you want to play in Taiwan there are 2 true professional leagues involved in Taiwan. The most notable as you mentioned is the SBL. The SBL is going to suck if you aren’t a run and gun player willing to play a role in that. I think you will have to make big adjustments as a euro player that is used to moving the ball around. There’s not much room for you to do what you want, questioning or deviation of what the coach wants will earn you a ride at the bench or cut. The coaches here love run and gun for a couple reasons. 1, it’s the easiest to run for them with the talent they have. They don’t have high IQ players like NBA level vision to make the right plays and be at the right spot. They don’t have athletic talents to have guys cut to the basket and have above the rim play. They have shooters and fast guys. And the 2nd is it’s the most entertaining for average fans who probably don’t have the basketball mind of someone like you, even I scream my lungs out seeing them not move the ball and find the right guys. Taking the most shots will also result in higher score so they don’t end up with the embarrassing 50 point games.

Problem with the SBL is, they don’t actually profit much if at all. It’s mostly rich companies sponsored like banks. They don’t know anything about basketball. They will not develop you. You will just run, run and run. Because you are playing run and gun so got to get up and down to spot up or be the guy to grab boards or the outlet to bring the ball up fast. Last I heard my friend who played didn’t even have a strength and conditioning coach. Idk about you, but you need to be marketable as a foreigner to play here. But they don’t care about developing, they will use you and when you can’t produce anymore. Bye. Knee injury that can harm your lifestyle down the road 20 years from now. They won’t help. Most players opt to play in China’s CBA where they do actually try to develop talent and make it a good league and invest into it. Not the case for the SBL. However you might ride the bench in both leagues if you’re a first year player…that’s just the politics of basketball here and it holds things back. They value seniority not talent sometimes. Navigation of politics of your team will determin your playing time sadly.

The other league is ABL, ASEAN basketball league. Taiwan just joined and it’s actually cool because they play against other countries like Hk, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. and more and more are making it an interesting league. I’m not too familiar with it, just the former coach who I knew from college that played in the G league in NBA was coaching.

The 2 types of foreign players they most want are basically big man and athletic off guard/swing man.

They want a big man to protect the rim and grab boards. Since not many tall Taiwanese players are available, naturally this need is filled by many foreign players.

They also want a off guard/swing man playing the 2-3 or small ball 4 that’s hyper athletic and can slash and possibly go above the rim. Also being a ball controller is a plus bringing it up court as hand checks can be iffy on full court press. Need a strong ball handler and strong player to bring it up.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Do you have an agent? I would look to CBA I China to honest if you care about your basketball career.

Coaching is like this, I’ll pm you some basketball academies later. You’ll probably have to start at this academies where they pay very little to establish yourself. Or I can put you in touch with another private coach who also played both in SBL and ABL. Private’s are about 1200 a hour, can be higher for you possibly since you have pro experience. You will probably need to coach on the side even in mid season and off season to sustain yourself if you play in Taiwan.

I wished I could catch you before I left for Malaysia. I really wanted to establish a good basketball academy and do things like real strength and conditioning. Taiwanese players lack that, most of them have never seen the inside of a weight room or have any clue on how to train. Our only chance is to develop euro ball type players, we don’t have the athletic talents of the nba. But we can definitely learn to play more European style and really move the ball and find high percentage shots.

Good luck. Hope others can chime in about life here and immigration.


@Andrew0409 Sorry for my late response. But I’m currently located in Slovenia, Europe. I’ve played college basketball in the United States for three years and for my last year there, I’ve played in a Semi-Professional League in Minneapolis, where I was also nominated for the Rookie of the Year. Now, last year was my first season as a full time professional in France, Europe. If you could help in any way, I’d really appreciate you. Please let me know what your contacts say as soon as you can. Thank you!

Even if I have to make big adjustments coming from European basketball, I will. If this helps me going in the right direction, I believe it’s the right decision. On top of that, I’ve played a run and gun basketball before, so I have experience already. However, if you can connect me with anyone from ABL or anywhere else in Asia, that would be even greater. I definitely want to keep developing and making the right choices going forward and upgrading my professional basketball career. And yes, CBA sounds great too. But like I said, I need to get in touch with the right people to help me get there. I am not officially signed with an agent anymore, but I do have a few people looking for me.

About the coaching part, it would be great if you could connect me with that coach who played in the SBL and ABL. I am looking to coach youth basketball and I have experience doing it, but only want to do that as a side job. My main focus is still on playing. We can definitely stay in touch and since I’m basically qualified to be a strength and conditioning coach, maybe I can do that on the side too.


Do you have a highlight tape?

The problem is you need someone to sponsor you to legally work here. Unless you want to work full time coaching with very little pay. Pro teams will.

Most ABL teams will do open tryouts for a few spots open. I’ll see if my contacts can give me some info on the new season.


@Andrew0409 Yes, I do have a highlight tape. I will attach some links here below.

1st: Here I play at the PG position.
2nd: Here I play at the SG position.

I want to continue playing full time employed by a professional team. As I said, I’m open to ABL, CBA, SBL or any other basketball league anywhere in Asia. Looking forward to this. Thank you!

Point Guard

Shooting Guard


@Andrew0409 Forgot about this one: Here is the link to my scouting report that was done on me when I was playing in the semi-pro league in the United States. It shows my full game in much details. I think the scout that has done it, did a very good job.


Where did you play college ball?


@bojack I’ve played in Orlando, Florida (Webber University) and San Antonio, Texas (OLLU).


@Andrew0409 I also have basketball resume available with all my information, statistics, leagues and references on it. Once you get in touch with teams, they will probably want to have it. Let me know. Talk to you soon. Anze


You look spotting shots and in transition so that’s good.

I sent some people your videos, hopefully they liked it and get it to the right people. I’ll let you know.

But shoot to ABL, or go to China. SBL is awful. I’m not that good of a player myself, pretty big bodied if I wanted to be. Like 100kg 190cm if I trained for it. Got offered to be like the 13th man to sit on the bench or body people up with screen lol. I set hard screens. I love that.


If you hear anyone mention ‘traditional training methods’ turn around and walk out the door.


@Andrew0409 Thank you! I appreciate that. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. As I said, I am open to pretty much any Asian country. I definitely want to be a part of the program that will help me develop and since SBL is awful as you say, I wouldn’t want to be a part of that. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Otherwise, will talk to you soon. Thanks!


@WonkyWaiguo What do you mean by ‘traditional training methods’? What are you referring to?


@bojack Would you be able to connect me with anyone from Taiwan or anywhere else in Asia?


If I could I would, but unfortunately I have zero contacts in Asia.

In fact, all I have is a love of college basketball and approximately a dozen friends whose opinions about basketball are very strong but highly suspect. Believe me, they are not helpful.

I wish you the very best, though. Good luck!


@bojack Thank you anyways! I really appreciate it. Best of luck to you as well.


@WonkyWaiguo What did you mean by ‘traditional training methods’? What were you referring to?


@Andrew0409 Hi Andrew! Just checking on you. How is everything? Any news?