Youtube Video Series : Sucks to be Taiwanese


An American Taiwanese dude tells the truth about Taiwan. Seems the guy lives in the states, but worked in Taiwan for several years. Cannot really argue with most of the content.

Working in Taiwan

Why is everything so expensive?

White Privilege in Taiwan

White Privilege Response

Lack of Branding for Taiwanese Companies

Q&A [Contains one part that might be Not Safe For Work (NSFW)]

Disrespecting Professions [manual labor]

Loser Mentality



My view of Taiwan isn’t as negative as his, but I don’t have to live the live of an average Taiwanese drone, and most of his points are true.

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Ill second that. I liked his point about the “food isn’t cheap, service is cheap”, but other than that, meh

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Can’t hate on his hustle if he wants to be a youtuber. But these jumpcuts are getting tiring.



whats the white privilege about? white people are allowed to leave early while everyone else has to do unpaid overtime or they just take it upon themselves to leave?



this saying is from Japan, but can be applied to Taiwan:
“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”



Just watched the white privilege video - couldn’t help myself.

I’m a white guy 3 years out of university. I have a western salary but I’d be considered underpaid in my field by US standards. And even then the high salaries he talks about for white people in Taiwan are garbage for me.

I think it’s easier to blame a small minority group for doing better… It’s much easier and less challenging than thinking other thoughts. Like maybe the fact your pay is so low and your hours are so long is because your culture worships authority and age. That maybe it’s up to Taiwanese people to improve Taiwanese working conditions and salaries, and that white people have nothing to do with it. Or that maybe Taiwanese bosses would much rather hire a cheap Taiwanese worker than a foreigner, but there are some jobs that they just can’t do that for.

I wish Taiwan and its workers all the best. There are a lot of younger entrepreneurs these days, and I’d bet on them to lead the way forward. But at the end of the day, it’s totally not my problem or responsibility.



To be fair, he didn’t seem to be blaming white people for the situation, merely complaining that they were taking advantage of it…which of course is sour grapes to some extent. I think he shows a pretty good understanding of how and why Taiwan’s work landscape is so messed up.



That’s not all he said though, he said Taiwanese women who date white people are ignorant, it must be because they have never lived or studied overseas, or white guys only date the Asians girls that are ‘weird’ looking (haha…I’ve seen many smoking hot girls dating whites…and black dudes to be fair…).

He’s a racist and mysoginist and it almost all comes down to his girlfriend dumped him for a white guy in the past so he decided to spread hate on the Internet. The only thing original about him is he put his face and identity out in the open. He wants to spread lies about white people and foreigners in general and poison society against us. There’s only a few thousand ‘white’ people in Taiwan so he’s a real scumbag targeting a minority like that.

How about he hands back that American passport and stops abusing his American privilege :). Since he directly insulted my wife and took a cheap shot at every girl I ever loved or dated here he’d better hope he doesn’t bump into me down a dark alley.



Probably a good half of Taiwan’s male population thinks this way, so you’d have a lot of people to beat up. If I let that kind of attitude bother me, I’d have gone crazy a long time ago.



I just watched the first one and tried picturing him debating the likes of Rowland, Finley & Jotham. :popcorn:

He’s right, legally speaking. When you work as an employee, you work for the “benefit” of the other party, not yourself.



I’ve only watched part of the first one. Now I need to go to the Patriarchy office to cash in my white privilege check while hot asian girls queue up begging me do date them. Brb.



I don’t worry about it normally, but if I bumped into him and was in a bad mood well…:grinning:…reap what you sow.



I was like “hmmm maybe I should watch it” then I saw this and I was like “nope nevah”.

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Really? You’d beat up a local for saying hurtful things on the interwebs?

How do you think that court case will go? Do you think people will be sympathetic to a foreigner assaulting a Taiwanese person over mean words?

It’s not the west. You’re different from the locals - that has its good points and its bad points. One of its bad points is you do not get into a fight with a local no matter what.



I don’t think getting into a fight with a local is a right move in any country.



Sucks to be an inarticulate dumb ass making stupid videos with bad English. I can hardly understand the ignorant points he is trying to make



He’s not a local.
I’m the local. Best that he doesn’t get into a fight with a local. :slight_smile:



This logic could be applied the other way too: foreign girls who date Asian men are just ignorant, have never seen real Asian men in Asia, and are probably busted looking. I’m sure he’d love to hear that.



I don’t quite understand all the hate in the comments here. Did you guys actually watch the videos? He’s calling out Taiwanese companies/bosses for all sorts of bullsh*t that happens all too regularly–and urging people to stand up. I welcome this sort of unvarnished take on things. I would have thought that most forumosans would appreciate this too.