Youtuber addresses Korean critic of Taiwan

Supposedly some Korean dude wrote an essay critical of Taiwan.

  1. Very backwards
  2. People dry their clothes by hanging them on a string like some village [they do this in Poland too, BTW].
  3. Women are ugly.
  4. Some other things. I’m sure he mentioned ugly buildings.

The YouTube r in this video is an ethnic Korean from one of the Northeastern provinces. He addresses some of these criticisms.

He said some Korean youtubers who like Taiwan came to Taiwan’s defense.

I haven’t seen the essay, don’t know where to find it.

I am under the impression that most Korean people 看不起 everybody who isn’t Korean, to be honest.

I’ll refrain from further comment at this time…:whistle:


Who cares. People talk shit about other countries all the time.


Number 2 and 4 are true so I don’t see why anyone would want to argue against those points.


No.3 removes all credibility because its so far from the truth it’s laughable.


I worked in Korea for many years. I can’t believe a Korean is criticizing Taiwanese architecture. Their buildings are all utilitarian boxes. None of the cities look distinct from one another. Also he probably thinks the women are “ugly” because they’re not all plastic surgery mannequins (although that seems to be changing). I have a lot of critiques about Korea. This guy shouldn’t throw rocks from his glass house.


I have many very good-looking girlfriends and very few good-looking male friends, which is sad for me.

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Koreans can be ridiculously nationalistic/xenophobic and that’s coming from someone who is ethnically Korean and whose parents have retired there.

A great deal of them legit think they’re the shit and look down on other Asians, even if they don’t like to admit it. The way they treat Southeast Asians as guests in those countries is fucking shameful.

That being said, I miss the food there. Food here kind of sucks :confused:


We should hang out more.

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If the first half is what you are after then unfortunately they all have boyfriends.

I see. Guess the wife wouldn’t have been too happy about it either.

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  1. People dry their clothes by hanging them on a string like some village [they do this in Poland too, BTW].
    As opposed to what? I thought pretty much everyone has done this since the beginning of history.

  2. Women are ugly.
    WTF. I’m old and decrepit, so it doesn’t matter much to me, but the sheer volume of eye candy here outweighs the European average, that’s for sure. Apparently most Korean girls have some sort of plastic surgery, so presumably they’re not genetically gifted in the looks department.

  3. Some other things. I’m sure he mentioned ugly buildings.
    This one is funny. My first impression of Korea was “well, the airport is nice, but they sure have some fugly buildings here.”


If you do that where I live, you’ll get a warning letter from the condo association.

Why is the title in Simplified? Why is he speaking with a mainlander accent?

Also I want to add that Koreans looking down on Taiwanese is no different than Japanese looking down on Koreans. Or Taiwanese looking down on Vietnamese. Shit really rolls downhill in Asia.


He’s from Northeastern China. He took up citizenship in Korea.


Even less reason to give this guy any credence.


He’s addressing the essay. Not the guy who wrote it.

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I found the news story to the original essay. Original description of Taiwan was a “pauper village.”

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You have to be really insecure for this to be offensive or news.

“Taiwan’s humidity is high”

No shit.

“buildings are as old as Mumbai”

The oldest buildings, pre KMT era look great. Moar old buildings please.

"it feels like a backward country. “Especially the appearance of hanging clothes outside”

I’m not sure if he means literally outside? i’ve seen it a lot in china and a couple times in taiwan. or just outside on your balcony… what else are you supposed to do with your balcony?

" too many motorcycles in Taiwan emit serious pollution"

Plain and simply true.

“Taiwan’s own cultural resources are poor. No wonder it only has Korean and Japanese culture.”

Fair point, you could say that taiwan laps up korean culture a little too much.

as for saying dirty, ugly buildings ect, yea its another truth, if you are offended do some cleaning.